November 21, 2010

Country Fried Kids

When Kamron and I got married- he was a city mouse and I was a country mouse.  Or as Donnie and Marie would put it, "I'm a little bit county... He's a little bit rock n' roll."  Which is why I just had to laugh a little bit when we went to Papaw Johnny's today and I saw my civilized, concrete jungle lovin', stock broker husband get behind the wheel of a four wheeler.

I am a firm believer that kids need fresh air, woods to roam in and space to just be wild and crazy, screaming kids. Oh- and wild adventures on a four wheeler through the forest don't hurt either. Isn't that what childhood memories are made of, afterall?

Mom's need space to be wild and crazy people, too.  This is what happens when I get my country on.

This little guy refuses to get on anything that goes fast.  So he just walks around the woods with his walking stick like an old man.

And even though he's been a bear all day, how you can possibly resist this cute little face?

Man, oh man, I love those little, country fried kids.  I could just sop 'em up with some gravy.  Quick, someone do something to pull me out of redneck mode before I cook up a possum, shoot bb's at a tin can, and take a leak in the backyard!

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