November 27, 2010

"Homemade" Donuts!

One of my favorite memories as a kid was having our annual "cousin's campout" at my grandmother's house.  All the cousins would sleep in a big tent in the backyard.  We'd take a jaunt down to the creek to play and roast hot dogs then we'd stay up late swapping stories and tormenting my tired Granny.  But in the morning when we'd wake up, we'd run from the backyard into the kitchen, where my Granny Sadie would be making homemade cinnamon donuts for the mass of cousins.  It was one of the only times all year that she would make these.  Days ago, Noah started begging to make donuts.  So this morning, we made our special "homemade" donuts and I shared all my special memories of my cousins with Noah while we made our special breakfast.  Hope you enjoy this recipe.

Cousin Campout Cinnamon Donuts:
vegetable or canola oil
plain refrigerated biscuit dough**
1 cup sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
**(flaky layers and Grands will not work)

1.  Pour about an inch and a half of oil into a pan and heat on medium heat.

2.  Lay all the biscuits out and poke a hole in the middle of all of them.  We use a pineapple corer.  But I've also used the tops to medicine bottles, tops to giant markers, etc.  Just make sure whatever you use won't contaminate your food!

3. Drop the holey biscuits into the hot oil in a single layer.  You will know the oil is hot enough when it bubbles and sizzles when you place the dough in. 

4.  Cook the dough until it is golden brown underneath- usually about 2 minutes.  Flip dough over to cook other side until it is also golden brown. Cook all the donuts holes at once- they only take about a minute.

5.  Pull the dough out of the oil with tongs and drain on paper towels.

6.  Fill a large plastic baggy with the sugar and cinnamon.  Drop the dough into the bag and SHAKE coating the doughnuts evenly.

7.  Enjoy!

Variations:  Roll in powdered sugar or you can also make chocolate iced donuts.  Instead of cinnamon and sugar, use a can of chocolate icing.  Hint: if you heat the icing in the microwave for a few seconds, you can just pour it on the donuts.

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