November 19, 2010

Looking Towards Thanksgiving

My prayer for this season of Thanksgiving:

In this season of harvest and abundance, Lord, I give you gratitude.  For all of the blessings in my life, I am truly thankful.  Father, while I eat Thanksgiving dinner, surrounded by more food than is necessary in the company of my closest friends and family, may I be ever mindful that there are those who are hungry and alone.  Continue to break my heart for the things that break yours.  May I not get so caught up in my thankfulness for the things that I have that I forget those who have not.  Teach me to not be complacent.  May I not walk the other way when need stares me in the face, but instead, reach out my hand.  Remind me that to whom much is given, much is required. Thank you, Father, for your blessings.  May I in turn be a blessing.  Amen

                                                                                   photo by Tom Stoddart

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