November 26, 2010

The one where I go so excited I forgot my...

Thanksgiving was a wonderful holiday around here.  We got to spend some time with both sides of our families.  It was the most low key, no drama holiday we've had in recent memory- just fun, food and beautiful times around the dinner table with our families.  The littles enjoyed playing with their cousins and I loved getting to stare at my adorable, little nephew.  It was an all around glorious day.

Then this morning rolled around.  My darling Sadie asked for a hot item this year for Christmas.  Since the kid never ever asks for anything, I really wanted to try my hardest to make this one work.  You all know I am a glutton for a bargain and the world's largest retailer was running the item as a doorbuster this morning.  The deal was too good to pass up. I strategized for a week about my Black Friday shopping strategy.  Last night while I was listening to the freight train that I call my snoring husband, I was mapping out my moves in my head.  I was pumped up and ready to score some deals.  So this morning the alarm so sweetly played harp music to wake me up at the ripe ol' hour of 3:30 am.  That is also known as "Oh my God o'clock" in my book. 

I rolled out of bed, took off my pj pants, threw on some jeans and left on the sweatshirt that I slept in.  I swept a toothbrush across my grill and slapped some concealer on my monster zit.  I was out the door within 5 minutes of waking up.  I drove to the store, walked back to the electronics section and scored a ticket to get the item that I wanted.  I went and stood in line to wait for the store to start passing out the items.  While I was standing there hunched over my cart, my phone starts buzzing.  (I had a great time texting with my girlfriends at 4am!)  I reached down into my cart to get my phone out of my purse.  As I did, my arm brushed across my chest and there was all kinds of jiggling that happened.  I thought, "DUDE!  Why are the ladies bouncing around like that down there?"  And then it hit me.  In my haste to get out the door, I had neglected to put on... a bra.  Whoa.  The girls were roaming free in public. Not pretty. In my defense, I was in Walmart where people don't always look so um...human?  I fit right in.  It's a good thing no running was required in my quest to get my stuff.  I would have knocked some people out.  I am soooo classy I can hardly stand it.

Yep- that's my name.  Megan Free Boobin' Classy Terry.  Don't wear it out!

Here are our turkey day snaps.

My crew in the back.  My mom and step-dad in the middle, my brother's crew in the front.

My step-dad, David, and Miles

My brother and my Granny Sadie

who are those people?

Don't even think about swiping my cupcake!

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