December 19, 2010

Catching Up

It seems that this Christmas season is going by in a whirlwind!  We are trying hard to just slow down and savor it, but there is just too much fun stuff to do and too many people we want to see. 

The mister and I went on a date last night. (ooo-la-la!)  We didn't do anything fancy- just dinner out.  But how lovely it is to eat a meal where someone brings it too you, you get to eat it while it's hot, and no little people end up screaming, spilling or puking at the table!  It was a great time to just talk and reconnect.  While we were out, my sister-in-law took the children and the great-grandpa out to look at Christmas lights. 

How excited is Noah?!  Freaky.
 Then today we played catchup on our Christmas Kindness.  On day 5 we packed up outgrown clothes to take to a local foster family.  Day 6 unfortunatley fell by the wayside. (I decided to have lunch with a friend, instead.  Totally selfish, but totally necessary!)  Today, we tried to make up for our day of slacking by going to help my grandma serve treats at the nursing home.  She does this every single Sunday.  I have to brag on my Mamaw Daisy for a minute.  She is the most kind hearted person who has ever walked this earth.  She just gives and gives and she does it all joyfully and without complaint.  She is in her 70's, but she goes non-stop.  She bakes enough to put a full scale bakery to shame and then travels all over kingdom come delivering baked goods to shut-ins, people at her church, people who are sick, and ME (lucky me!)  She is such a shining example to me.  While we have strived to emphasize service in our home for the 12 days leading up to Christmas, Mamaw Daisy lives that out every single day of the year.  We all just love her so.  She was pretty proud showing off her grandchildren to the old folks today.  And the wee ones loved serving heaping plates of ice cream, cookies and candy canes.

Mamaw Daisy with Noah, Miles and Sadie
Today, I am just so intensely grateful for my blessed nest.

"There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction."- Salvador Dali

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