December 05, 2010

Cause for Celebration!

We survived the Thanksgiving fallout and the world is starting to right itself again (FINALLY!)  Plus- my husband just did a bang up job at work over the last month.  We decided that it was all cause for a mighty well deserved celebratory night out.  We started out by going to one of our favorite Japanese hibachi restaurants where we discovered that our "two" year old could use chopsticks (or chompsticks, as Noah calls them) with expert precision.  I almost think he could have caught a fly with those things just like the old dude from Karate Kid.

After we stuffed ourselves full of delicious food, we took all the littles bowling.  They LOVE to bowl and Kamron and I love to watch them having so much fun.  We especially love the dances that they do after every single ball they roll.

After such a tough and crazy week it was so nice to just be together having fun.  I just gotta say- it is about flippin' time we had some fun.  I didn't think I'd make it much longer.  I would have taken a job where I had to stand chin deep in sewage and toxic acid if it would have gotten me away from the post Thanksgiving funk Miles was in!   Not sure what happened to make the world flip right side up again, but whatever it is, I'll take it! 

Here they are bowling their second frame and having the time of their lives.  Hope your weekend is just as delightful as ours has been!

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