December 16, 2010

Day 3

Yesterday was the third day of our Christmas kindness project.  We purchased a Christmas dinner through the angel tree for a needy family.  My kids read every single name of every angel on that tree trying to find just the perfect one.  They finally chose "The Miles Family".  LOVE it!
I think my children would happily move right into the grocery store.  They love that place.

This is a seriously crummy picture, but Miles' tiny thumbs up just makes me insanely happy.
Last night, as I was tucking him in, Noah told me that Christmas was all about forgiving.  I thought he really meant giving (not forgiving) and that these lessons were finally getting through to him.  I probed him a little further and he said, "Well, Isa said that Christmas is all about forgiving.  When Swiper swiped all the Christmas presents, Santa put him on the naughty list.  Then Dora and Boots helped him get the presents back and he was forgiving because that's what Christmas is."  So there you have it.  Evidently, every thing my son knows about Christmas, he learned from the Dora the Explorer Christmas Special.

Today we are iced in.  There is no school and we can't get out, so we'll have to deviate from our plan a little and come up with something we can do without leaving the house.  Perhaps the children can show a little Christmas kindness to their mama and clean their rooms!  A girl can dream, can't she? 

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