December 20, 2010

Holiday Absurdities

I kinda love every single thing about Christmas!  I love the excitement, the anticipation and the awe that comes with a season full of wonder.  I love the baking, the wrapping, the shopping, the singing, the baby in the manger, the family gatherings, and of course- the funny things that come out of the hecticness.
  • Noah was opening up the Christmas cards. When he saw one with a Madonna and child stamp on it he got so excited he screamed, "OH MY GOSH, MOM!  THIS ONE IS FROM JESUS!"
  • Miles heard the little drummer boy on the radio and has been rum pum pum pumming ever since. Cutest thing ever.
  • Noah is having tubes put in his ears in the morning.  We are hoping that it will help him gain back all the hearing that he has lost over the last 18 months.  When I told him that tomorrow was the big day that we are having his ears fixed he said, "Just in time! Now I'll be able to hear the reindeer when they land on the roof!"
  • Sadie was trying to tell me that she wanted a Nintendo DSI for Christmas this year.  I told her that I didn't think that 7 year old girls needed to have portable, unsupervised internet and that maybe she should just ask for a regular DS.  She retorted, "Mom- if I learn to use it, I won't talk to boys on it.  I promise."  Ah, innocence.
  • We don't have a fireplace or chimney.  When we were discussing that Santa would probably just use our front door, the children launched into a conversation about how happy that would make Santa, since he wouldn't have to burn his butt in the fireplace to bring presents to our house. It reminded me of when my college roommate and I would sit on the heating vent in our freezing cold apartment until it would char griddle marks on our behinds right through our jeans. 
  • There has also been some discussion amongst the littles about what happens when reindeer need to poop mid-air.  Perhaps instead of carrots, we should put out a nice assortment of cheeses for Rudolph?
  • We saw the most awesomely real looking Santa and Mrs. Claus walking out of a store as we were walking in today.  They stopped and talked with the boys.  Miles was completely in awe.   Santa asked Noah what he would like to have for Christmas and he told Santa he'd love to have a bike.  Mrs. Claus jumped right in the conversation and said, "Do you promise to wear your helmet?"  Noah gave her his word and Mrs. Claus said, "Good.  Because Mrs. Claus is an EMT the other 11 months of the year!" 
  • The poor little baby Jesus from the kid's nativity set is constantly in danger of the giant, plastic t-rex in our home.  The boys have decided that t-rex's favorite food are babies wrapped in swaddling cloth.
  • I took a really bad spill down our icy driveway the other day.  My leg got bruised and my hands were cut and bloodied.  But even worse than that was the butt track that I left that skidded the length of my driveway.  It was waaaaay wider than I would have liked my butt skid to be. *sigh*
  • The winner of today's BeadforLife giveaway is comment #30- Dessica. Email me and I'll get your goods ordered! 
  • If you don't mind- send up some prayers for our Noah Bear as he has surgery in the morning. Thanks!

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