December 08, 2010

I've got nothing

I'm usually an endless stream of chatter.  My brain just seems to shoot forth words all the time.  But the last few days, I've got nothin'.  I haven't even had the need to call my mother 6 times a day just so that someone who understands English and can actually hear can be on the receiving end of all my mindless word garbage. So all you get today is some bulleted blogging.

  • I received an enormous anonymous envelope of religious tracts yesterday.  And not just the kind that say, "Hey, Do You Know Jesus?" but the really obnoxious ones about how you need to discipline your children with the rod and raise them right and if you only use the rod enough, your children will come to enjoy being corrected and disciplined.  My favorite part was this thing about how to cure kids of "consumption"  which evidently is what people used to call TB.  (Remember Miles has TB)  This religious physician from 1829 says that you need to do daily rigorous exercise on horseback and take a voyage on a boat across the ocean. Umm... I'll get right on that.  DUDE!  I don't know who it is that is trying to tell me something, but I will say this.  This very reason is why people hate Christians.  And I'm sorry, but I've never heard of anyone who came to know God through a pamphlet that shows them burning to a crisp in hell.  Wow- I'll come off my soapbox now about the dangers of scaring people to Christ. 
  • We put up our Christmas tree last night.  It is tacky as homemade sin, but our children think it is the bomb diggity.  It is full of twinkly colored lights that look like jelly beans and ornaments that the kids have made over the years.  You can keep your glamorous theme trees, I'll take my ugly, homemade, hodge-podge Christmas tree full of memories any day.
  • Miles had a four hour barfing bug yesterday.  Is it bad that I kind of like when he is sick and snuggly? 
  • If you are a prospective adoptive family, you must go read Sarah's post about adoption/trauma/etc.  It is crazy insightful.  You can read it HERE.
  • I've always wanted to host a Christmas cookie making party.  Maybe this will be the year- 'cause, you know- I've just got oodles of time for stuff like that ;-)
  • We are about to start our 12 days of Christmas kindness.  It is a tradition we started last year, where every day for 12 days the kids and I do some sort of service project/good deed in hopes that the true spirit of Christmas is not lost.  We are trying to plan out our days and so far Sadie has said that she wants to go play with animals at the shelter for 10 of those days.
  • I need to make a public apology to my husband.  He just saw the post about the twenty things he does that get on my nerves.  I am sorry, honey, for trying to get a laugh at your expense.  The post has since been removed.
  • My fall candy corn obsession has quickly been replaced with peanut brittle.  They sell this kind of peanut brittle at the dollar tree that makes me drool.  I'm thinking of putting it in tins and passing it off as homemade gifts for the neighbors.  My deception may be the root cause of my need for more religious tracts.
  • I'm thinking of pulling up our living room carpet. The fear of the nastiness inside of it gives me the heebie jeebies.
  • I need to figure out a way to get paid for all the things I do every day.  I'd be stinkin' rich. 
  • A sweet blog reader contacted me the other day and offered me his mother.  He was all, "My mom needs something to occupy her time and so I volunteer her to come and do your laundry."  And I'm all," Sweet baby, Jesus.  I love you.  I accept your mother."  And so they were supposed to come yesterday, but Miles started puking and so we postponed.  See!  There are still really good people out there!  Just goes to show that just when you think the world is going bad, someone offers you their mother. 
  • Stick a fork in me, I'm done. 

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