December 17, 2010

Oh Friday, it's nice to see you

  • In an odd twist of fate, this has been a truly fantastic week around here.  No rages, no wonky behaviors, minimal whining, lots of fun and just a general sense of calm.  *Insert Hallelujah Chorus here*
  • Today makes for the third snow day this week.  Yesterday, Sadie told me every 45 seconds that she was bored.  I so remember feeling that way as a kid.  We lived out in the country and there weren't people to play with.  The roads were treacherous, so bringing in reinforcements friends wasn't really an option.  In an effort to make the day more fun, I tried to say yes instead of no whenever it was possible.  Which means that my kids ate icicles for lunch, did crafts and just walked away from the enormous mess, took a hundred bubble baths each, and snuggled up and read books all day.  It was kind of freeing- until I looked around and realized that it looked like a massive cyclone had come through my house.  Instead of tackling it, I just took a Tylenol PM.  The mess is still here staring me in the face, but man oh man, yesterday was fun. 
  • Right before bedtime last night when we found out that school was going to be cancelled for today, Sadie's friend came and picked her up to spend the night.  She and Noah always sleep together because they are both big scaredy cats.  So on the rare occasion that Sadie is gone, Noah gets to sleep with us.  I curled up in bed with a book and Noah snuggled up next to me to go to sleep.  He is so peaceful when he sleeps.  He sleeps just like a magazine picture- perfectly curled up with his little hands folded together resting under his little cheek.  It is amazing to watch.  I could watch that child sleep forever.  It is such a stark contrast to the others.  Sadie gets hot in her sleep and it is nothing to walk in her room in the morning and see her stark naked, sleeping sprawled out, spread eagle, hair all Medusa-ish, and snoring like a 400 pound man.  And I'm not really sure what Miles looks like when he sleeps.  His room has to be pitch black dark.  No nightlight.  The door has to be closed all the way.  He is a really light sleeper and if he gets woken up he gets really scared and nervous, so I resist the temptation to sneak in and watch him because I don't for one minute want him to feel unsafe.  But it is such a treat to watch that little Noah angel sleep.  It was a fantastic way to end to the day.
  • My sister-in-law, Kennethia, rescued the fourth day of Christmas Kindness.  She texted me about .  It is a trivia game that you play that donates rice to the World Food Program every time you get an answer right.  The trivia questions were a little hard for a four year old, so we modified it.  I answered the real trivia questions and asked Noah my own version of questions which he insisted needed to be all about dinosaurs.  We loved watching our bowl of donated rice pile up!  It was the perfect way to give back without leaving our house on an icy day.
  • I'm reading The Help by Katheryn Stockett.  Oh holy night, it is fantastic.  I never ever buy hardback books because I think it is a waste of money, but so many people recommended this one that I caved and bought it.  I LOVE it.  I'm about 2/3 of the way through which means that for the next 2 hours or so, my children will have to fend for themselves because mama's gonna be out of commission until that book gets finished.
  • Everyone in our house is begging to have African food tonight.  Looks like I'll be making everyone's favorite Chicken Tagine.  We all love that stuff even though it makes everyone's pee the oddest shade of toxic yellow. 
  • Is it bad that yesterday when my husband got home from work, the kids and I all pressed our noses to the window to see if he would bust his butt on the ice while walking to the front door?  Sadie looked forward to that all day! (and no- he didn't fall, thankfully.  But is sure would have been funny if he did!)
  • Miles just up and started (oh man that sounds country!) talking in full on sentences this week.  Five and six words together. "Mommy, I want a drink please."  "Get off me NOW, Noah!"  "Shew-wee, this poop stinks!" Talking has made all the difference in his life.  It has reduced the communication tantrums by 94.8% and has also aged him by probably another 6 months.  We now think that the child is 14 years old trapped in a 22 pound body.  Visions of Webster are coming to mind.  Does that make me Mrs. Popadapolis?
  • I hope your last weekend before Christmas is fantabulous!  

What do you do on a snowy day? 
You curl up under a blanket, stick out your tongue and have a camera phone photoshoot, of course!

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