December 14, 2010

On The Second Day...

I love me some old people.  When I was a little girl, my Granny would take me to the nursing home on Sunday afternoons and we would sing hymns with the old people.  I'd be all dressed up still from church and the old people would just gush over me since I was the only kid who'd set foot in that place in years.  I've always thought that wheelchairs were insanely cool and I loved pushing the old ladies around the hallways.  I loved looking in their rooms at all the doilies and knitted kleenex box covers.  I loved that they would sneak me butterscotch candies out of their pockets.  I know it's lame, but this is what I would beg my parents to let me do on Sunday afternoons.  (Yep-my nerdiness started early in life)

I was really excited to see that some of my kids also have a love for golden oldies. Today, for our second day of Christmas kindness, we took Christmas cards and bananas to all the residents at my Nana's (great grandmother) nursing home. Miles thought that the nursing home, full of it's copious amounts of attention and ogling, was the bees knees.

The girls (Sadie + her BFF) preferred the prep work of making all the Christmas cards.  But the boys loved doling out bananas and giving hugs to the residents.  Noah always smiled politely and said, "Merry Christmas" while Miles preferred the more practical, "Here's yo' nana!" as he slapped a banana down on their laps.  To each his own!

Making the cards.  There was LOTS of glitter involved.

Noah giving our Nana a Christmas card. 
How amazing is it the my children still have their great-great grandmother around?! 

I'm not sure that my children are actually learning anything by doing these service projects, but we sure are having a great time doing them together!

*My Christmas playlist is now up under the my music tab*

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