December 27, 2010


You know how at the end of A Christmas Story, the mom and dad sit next to the glowing Christmas tree and just reflect?  Kamron and I do that every year, too.  When we were dating, I'm pretty sure we just sat in proximity of the tree and made out, but now we sit and ohh and ahh over all the moments we had with the children.  There were so many of them this year, it took us a long time to go over them all. 

There was so much excitement on Christmas eve as we put the children to bed.  They were all so adorable we almost didn't want the day to end.   Then they ran down the steps on Christmas morning and Noah ran around in circles screaming, "It's Christmas, It's Christmas!"  He couldn't contain his excitement and it just bubbled over as he flailed around trying to make sense of everything.  The kids' anticipation was palpable.  They sat down in front of the tree and were ready to rip into the presents.  But then, the strangest thing happened.  Sadie and Noah both handed me the gifts that they had made for me and wanted me to open my gifts first.  I looked at Kamron and thought I would just cry!

There were so many perfect moments with Papaws and Grannys and cousins, sweet exchanges among siblings and glances between all of us as we reveled in the magic that surrounds children at Christmas time.  I can't tell you how many times I heard Kamron say that he wanted to freeze time, just as it was while we watched our three bambinos radiate pure joy.

And best of all, Miles has so far stayed pretty regulated.  He had a few tough hours yesterday, but recovered well and was delightful the rest of the day.  I don't even think we'll have to use our emergency session with the psychologist that she offered on her week off.  In other words- a Christmas miracle!

Papaw Johnny got a new puppy for Christmas!  How fun!

Cousin Julia- the Barbie Queen!

Like father like son.

Miles and his cousin, Reese.

Hoping your Christmas was full of joy, magic, giggles and more happiness than you can handle!

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