December 21, 2010

We've Gone To The Dogs

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and warm thoughts to Noah this morning.  His surgery went well.  I can't tell yet how his hearing is.  He says it's much better- but he also sometimes says calls his foot his wiener, so we can't trust his judgement.  He'll have his hearing tested in two weeks, so I suppose we'll know then if we need to take further action about his ears.  In an effort to keep you from barfing on your keyboard, I'll spare you the details about all the junk that the doctor pulled out of the boy's ears.  I vomited a little in my mouth just now thinking about it.  I wonder if they make a vomiting emoticon?  I digress...

It was day 9 of our Christmas Kindness project.  We decided that today was a great day to help out our animal friends and so we made homemade dog treats.  (For the easy, cheap, fun recipe that we used, you can click here.)  Noah had a ball mixing, rolling and cutting out the dog treats.

Once they were out of the oven, we bagged them up and went to give them to the rescue dogs at the pet adoption center in our town.  Tomorrow, I am sure that my children will wake up and start devising a plan to convince me that we need a cat, or another dog.  They loved letting the dogs lick their fingers when they gave them the treats.  We learned that Miles actually likes animals- as long as they are in cages.

I am off to mix up enough sugar cookie dough to keep a whole gaggle of girls busy tomorrow.  Sadie is having all her besties over for a cookie decorating party.  We can't wait!!!  I think there is nothing more fun than a whole house full of little children!  Let the good times roll.

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