January 17, 2011

I am a machine

Something happened to my self esteem this weekend.  Usually when something happens to my self esteem it has either gone missing or has had a huge bite taken out of it.  But this weekend, what happened to my self esteem was remarkable.  Y'all, I feel good.  Very. freaking. good.  I've stuck with all this eating healthy stuff and you know what- it feels good.  I've stuck with my couch to 5k program and you know what?  It feels good, too.  It feels amazing to take 30 much needed minutes a day for myself to go out there and pound the pavement while my favorite rappers cuss in my ears.  And finally, FINALLY, the scale moved!  And that is just an added bonus. I put on my favorite jeans and they felt a little loose and it wasn't just because it was the fourth time I was wearing them without being washed. :-)

I was on top of my game this weekend.  The attachment  challenged one was giving me fits on Friday, but on Saturday morning, I woke up and was on my therapeutic parenting A game.  Stuff got nipped in the bud with patience and understanding and I did not once lose my chit.

Another kiddo was sick and puny but just wanted to lay in bed and watch cartoons all day.  I hate it when the kids are sick, but when this one is sick, he is so easy going that it is almost like a vacation taking care of him.

Another kiddo spent the weekend with a friend.  Plus- hubby was home to attend to the needs of the children while I did something tangible to contribute to society.  I got so much done, it was almost like someone put speed in my anti-depressants! 

Here's what got accomplished:
*5 bags of broken toys, rocks and other crap the kids drag home, puzzles with missing pieces, and garbage thrown out of kids rooms
*5 bags of toys dropped off for donation  (they no longer have anything to play with and therefore can not make a mess!)
* bathrooms were scrubbed to a sparkling shine
*all the laundry was washed and is waiting for our laundry angel to come and fold and put away on Tuesday.
* outside Christmas lights were taken down and put away
* all the boy's outgrown clothes were dropped off to someone else's home who can use them
* my desk was cleaned off and organized and now feels so lovely and uncluttered
* 300 loads of dishes were washed
* responded to the six billion emails in my inbox
* watched a movie with my husband and stayed awake through almost the whole thing
* cleaned out my purse and sorted through receipts for taxes
* had a disco dance party with the whole family by the light of the Crayola Glow Dome.  A great time was had by all.  Plus, I got to slow dance with the man I love while the littles ran circles around our feet.  *bliss!*

It was a happy, wonderful, productive weekend!  Bring it Monday. I aint skeered. I'm ready for 'ya!

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