January 15, 2011

It's all about the hair- maintaining dreadlocks

Miles' locs have been in for nearly 3 weeks.  Today, we did a little maintainance because they were so fuzzy.  Here's what we (and by we, I mean me) are doing to maintain them...

Today, we did a light wash.  Not a lot of scrubbing- just making a slight lather and rinsing it out.

While the hair was still wet, I used a loc and twist gel to completely saturate the new growth and the fuzzies that had busted loose on each individual loc.  When one loc was saturated I hand twisted each one and used a double pronged clip to hold it in place.  I repeated the process for each of his 53 locs. (just as an aside- Miles loves having this done.  He sits in the sink and stares at himself while we talk.  He rubs cream on the mirror, eats some of it and just generally has a good time.  Lord help me if the kid ever starts to grow and no longer fits in the sink.)

Once each of the locs has been re-twisted and clipped, I use the hair dryer to set them in place.  We did this in two 15 minute sessions because I'm a wimp and my arm gets tired.  You know the hair is finished when the locs get firm and don't squish out product when you squeeze them.  Once they are firm, remove the clips and then use the dryer to finish setting the parts that were under the clips. 

Once everything is set, I use a little scalp oil in a pointed squeeze bottle to oil his parts and then rub a little oil down each loc.  Voila!  Easy peasy- and so much easier on Miles than trying to keep an Afro detangled!

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