January 07, 2011

The model pose

When Sex and the City came out, we were flat broke.  We could barely afford the rabbit ears that went on top of the TV, much less afford cable so I could see what all my gal pals were obsessed with.  By the time that we actually got cable, the show was over.  Then TBS started showing reruns a couple of years ago, but it seemed like they never showed the early ones, so I never really saw how the fab four started out.  Then, last week E! started showing reruns and they actually started at the beginning of the series!  Yippee!  The other night I watched an early days SATC marathon and saw an episode that really stood out to me.  It was all about men who are "modelizers" and only date models.

I don't know about you, but here in podunkville, we don't have a lot of models running around on the street.  But it did get me thinking about some things; one of them being celebrities on the red carpet.  I'll admit that a seriously guilty pleasure for me is taking a peek at people.com every single morning to see which celebs are in rehab, which ones got divorced and which ones got knocked up.  I'm a sucker for a good knocked up celebrity story.  But what really gets me are the red carpet poses.  I can't help but look at them and laugh and wonder who in the world made these rules and told all these girls that this is what you need to do to look beautiful for an audience.

Yeah- I never strike a pose with my arm cocked up like that so the world can see my armpit stubble.  And what about the legs?  Who decided that you need to cross your legs to look good?  It just looks like an accident waiting to happen to me. Those skinny ankles look like they are just about to snap in half.

And the one hand on the hip?  I get that it makes a nice silhouette.  But enough already! I am so over it.  This whole crazy one hand on the hip thing is trickling down to the masses.  When the spring prom season rolled around last year, all of my teeny bopper FB friends posted pictures of themselves with their pals in gorgeous gowns and the hand on the hip thing.  What happened to the big groups of gals with their arms all around each other's shoulders?  What happened to documenting the friendships?  Now it's just groups of teenagers standing next to each other with their ankles crossed unnaturally or their knee cocked up with the hip/hand thing.  Seriously.  Kind of broke my heart that what we've taught our girls is that it's more important to look good for a picture than to be natural with your friends.  I think I'm just going to ban the viewing of prom pictures this year so that I don't have to get on my soapbox about teenage girls and beauty.

And one more thing...  (I think that drunk college girls are starting this one.) I'm also tired of the kissy, fish face pictures.  Yeah- I get that it makes you look like you have cheekbones, but you also look like an idiot.

Wanna know how real friends take pictures?  They drop the kissy face, they throw their arms around each other and smile.  And they do it because they love each other- not because they feel the need to look like models.

Ahhh... I love my friends.  Lord help us the day a model wants to join the group. 

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