January 23, 2011

Plague Induced Linkage

After taking care of a sick kiddo all week last week, I've been got.  I came down with the dreaded stomach bug yesterday morning and have been quarantined to bed for the last 36 hours.  Can I just say that this is actually kind of nice?  I mean, not the part where I puke every time I try to move, but the part where I get to stay in bed while my husband takes care of everything.  It never fails that on the rare occasion that I do get sick, I always seem to get sick on a Monday or Tuesday when there is no help in sight and I just have to suck it up and pretend like I'm not sick and keep plugging along.  So when I got sick on a Saturday it was like a little bit of luxury.  Hubby said, "Get in bed, I got this!"  Oh my word!  Despite the fact that my house is a wreck, I love that man for picking up the slack. (Lord help me though, if he comes down with it and I have to deal with man sickness.  Man sickness makes me want to pull my fingernails off one by one.)

Unfortunately though, I had to miss our dear friend's birthday party last night.  (Happy 30th, Courtney!)  My mom was already planning on keeping the kids while we went to the party, so I sent Kamron on to the party and the littles to grandma's.  And I... well, I did nothing.  In my quiet house, I laid in bed and rested.  And tried to keep down sips of water.  And watched 2 hours of Sex and the City reruns and 2 hours of Everybody Loves Raymond reruns and the latest episode of Teen Mom.  And took a hot bath.  And stayed curled up under 3 blankets to ward off the freezingness. (I think I just made up a new word)  So all in all, taking a sick day was not the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

Since I haven't done anything of note- unless you want a play by play of the insane amount of television I've watched- I'm going to do a little linking to my favorite blog posts from the last week.  One of my favorite things about blogging is the unique perspective you get on so many things that make you stretch your beliefs and understand things from a different point of view.  I LOVE it!

The Livesay's- Happy Birthday Miracle Babies- a feel good story about some miracle births in Haiti

How Can They Hear- Conversations No One Should Have - grab a tissue.  This sweet family is dealing with a very sick child

Welcome to My Brain- Masturbation Nation- No one dispenses humorous parenting advice about talking to your kids about sex quite like Christine

Ethiopia or Bust- By Josh- a look at MLK day

Never A Dull Moment- a Haitian adoptive family reflects on losing their birthmother in the earthquake

A Forever Family- You probably saw Davids plea for a family all over the internet.  This is the family that is adopting him and the most awesome ever picture of Davids finding out he has a family.

Andy, Kiara and Family- my dear friend who is selling homemade body butter to raise money for their next adoption. (I highly recommend the chocolate peppermint!)

And now I must go and... watch more tv and let my body finishing getting rid of this crud.  On the plus side- I'm sure I've lost a whole mess of weight.  SCORE!

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