January 21, 2011


A glimpse into the week of each of the littles...

This little guy was taken down by the stomach bug and stayed wrapped up in a blanket watching cartoons for almost 5 days.  He is the sweetest patient ever, and always had a cute little smile no matter how bad he felt.

 This cool dude's locs got taken out.  After a retwisting on Saturday, Daddy didn't realize that he couldn't submerge his head in the tub and all the twisting unravelled.  He's at the age where he refuses to wear a sleeping cap and wants to rub his head on the carpet, couch, etc. all the time and it just wasn't working out.  We'll try again when he's a little older.  But I think he looks so distinguished with his short hair!  He also spent nearly every waking moment in his pajamas because we had many many cold snowy days.

This little lady rocked it on her math test this week.  Then she took a turn for weird and decided that she wanted to sleep inside her toy box like it was a coffin.  She did this for many nights until it started to freak me out really bad when I'd go check on them at night and I had to put an end to it.  It reminded me of when my brother was about her age and he slept inside a trampoline box pushed under his bed for one whole summer.  Kids are strange...

...But they're also pretty darn wonderful.

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