February 10, 2011

Each One Help One

My dear friend Chelese returned this week from traveling to Congo.  I was on pins and needles hoping to see updates and photographs of the children I know there.  I was going through Chelese's pictures, smiling as I looked at all those darling little ones.  Yes, my heart was breaking from seeing the poverty and desperation, but at the same time, I was so happy to see that some of the children I remembered from the orphanages were still alive. (no small feat in a third world orphanage.)  The smiles quickly turned when I saw this one.

How can your heart not shatter into a million pieces when you see this?  My eyes want to look away because the hurt is just too big.  I want to look away because the injustice is just too much.  But these children can't turn away.  They are living it. 

This little one needed immediate medical attention.  For her safety, I won't share too much of her story except to say that her injuries were extensive.  In most orphanages, children with extensive needs are left to die because they are a drain on resources.  No one fights for them.  No one gets too close.  They are cast aside.  Chelese was able to take this tiny one to a hospital where she could have tests run and get the medical attention that she needs.  Donor money paid for her medical care, is paying for her foster care and is paying for the medical attention that she will continue to need in the future.  This girl will have a chance all because someone cared enough to write a check or toss in a few bucks to help a child they didn't even know.  Never before has the saying "each one help one" been felt so deeply in my soul. 

If you've ever looked at my pictures from the orphanages and felt an ache in your heart, I urge you to give.  We see the statistics.  We know how many children die every day.  But YOU have the power to make it one less..  For the cost of your $10 raffle ticket, lives are saved.  Each life matters.  Make an impact.  Be the change.

*For the safety of this child and for the people caring for her, if you know details of her story, please do not post names or identifiers in the comments. Thank you. 

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