February 26, 2011

Ebb and Flow

The very nature of attachment orders just baffles me.  We were on an almost 2 1/2 week decline- the worst decline we've had since Miles started with a psychologist- and then BOOM!  He snapped out of it.  We went from having eating issues, physical delays (crawling, drooling), aggression, manipulation to the nth degree and screaming fits to having a delightful little boy.  The whole thing always comes in cycles.  Ebbs and flows. Confuses the hell out of all of us.

The completion of this cycle couldn't have come at a better time.  I had been stressed to the max with a million tasks that needed completing and was hurting for a break.  After a speaking engagement on Monday, I got in my car and just about collapsed under the weight of everything I'd had to do over the last few weeks.  Or maybe it was that my dogs were barking so loudly from wearing high heels.  Who knows?  My mom suggested that I use my Christmas gift cards to go and get a massage and facial on Friday.  She even offered to babysit.  Cue the singing angels.

So Thursday, the boy snapped out of his funk, and on Friday the mama went for some pampering.  I never ever do things like that for myself.  I went to a swanky spa and handed over my gift cards in exchange for two blissful hours of spa time.  I got a hot stone massage.  Oh my word.  Who knew that laying on hot rocks could be so amazing?  I tend to be a negative self talker.  I'm hard on myself.  But for that hour that I was being massaged, I made the choice to positive self talk myself (how's that for redundant?)  I layed there telling myself nice things and felt fantastic!  I'll have to talk to myself like that more often.  (You are not as fat as you think you are.  You have nice eyebrows.  You are a good mom.  You are the bomb party planner, and other things that are too embarrassing for print.)  Then I got a facial.  Y'all my face is crazy clean.

I picked up the boys after all that spoiling and both of them fell asleep in the car on the way home and actually stayed asleep when I carried them in and put them in their beds.  They both slept for almost two hours.  *cue the angels again*  The bus came around to drop Sadie off and I met her in the driveway and banished her and her friend to the friend's house while the boys finished their naps.  I caught up on some tv and some emails and soaked in the silence.  Then we went out for Mexican food for dinner (yay for not cooking!) I ate cheese sauce and guacamole on top of everything that I ordered and didn't even feel guilty.  Not one bit.  I deserve cheese.

We came home and played the wii together until our thumbs hurt.  We put the kids to bed and I had a little one on one time with the hot man that lives in my house. Hubba hubba.  I filled the jacuzzi tub up to the top and put a few squirts of shampoo in for bubbles and made foam up to my eyeballs.  Then today?  Ahhhh... today.  The big kids got up and occupied themselves.  Miles played in his bed and we slept in til 8am.  Heaven!  And tonight?  I'm putting on makeup and my $8 dress and my control top panty hose and I'm having dinner with grown ups at a charity event.  I may even try to not make inappropriate jokes.  Then after that, we are retaining the sitter and I'm going with some of my best gals out to hear my hubbins' band play. 

I'm not sure what shifted in the cosmic world.  Or perhaps the big guy saw that I was about to crack and threw me a bone.  Whatever it is- you won't hear me complaining.  I hope this lasts forevah.

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