February 07, 2011

A fan-freaking-tastic day

Y'all.  Something weird happened over here yesterday.  Our kids didn't want to drive us nuts.  They wanted to play BY THEMSELVES.  They did not yell, "Mom, Mom, Mom" every 2.8 seconds.  They made their own glasses of water, made their own snacks and changed the tv channels by themselves.  At one point in the day I looked over at hubby and asked him what he thought has gotten into the children to make them be so good.  He gave me his most serious look and said, "Don't ask questions!"

I don't care what it was- but I reveled in it!  Kamron and I had a speaking engagement about adoption and Jesus and Congo and all other matter of things that make me a blubbering mess.  And my dad came to hear me speak and that makes me all emotional cause my dad is a crier. (Sorry dad- but we all know you are!)  We came home from that and I decided that I just had to lay down for a few minutes and get myself together.  I walked in the bedroom and realized that hubby had beat me to the bed.  Now- we NEVER get to take a nap.  I think it's been about 3 years since we took a nap together.  I tossed Miles in his pack and play for a little down time and crawled in bed and oh.holy.night.  Our kids left us ALONE. (And no- we did not do that.) We laid there in silence and it was 17 kinds of blissful.  Until a neighborhood kid rang the door bell and the dog started barking and the phone rang.  But still- sometimes 30 minutes of quiet is enough to recharge the old batteries. 

I must have been in a good mood because I declared it picnic night on the living room floor in front of the tv.  I served a very nutritious meal of pigs in a blanket and cheese dip with tortilla chips.  My kids thought I was the bomb diggity.  In my defense, it was the Super Bowl.  Oh, who am I kidding.  I'd been looking forward to those pigs in a blanket all week.  I'm a sucker for junk meat wrapped in a crescent roll.  Somehow my "be kinder to my body" diet went all to hell somewhere around last Monday when I discovered how to make the homemade caramel corn.   I think I'm okay with it, though.  I'm consoling myself by saying that if I got really skinny my varicose veins would be more prominent.  Whatever.  I have no will power.

I did redeem myself by dancing around the living room during the halftime show.  (Well- I made it about 3 minutes until I was too huffy and puffy) Surely though, I burned off at least one little piggy in a blanket. But wow- my kiddos had a ball dancing around like hooligans and listening to the Black Eyes.  We heart them.  You know what else I heart?  People who buy raffle tickets.  Seriously.  Buy a whole whole bunch of them.  Pretty please with sugar on top.  I will be your BFF.  I will hug you and pet you and squeeze you and call you George. The end.

P.S  To top off the day, Kamron and I howled hysterically at this website that is a conglomerate of text autocorrection nightmares. (warning- some of these are a little raunchy)  If you need a good laugh, I recommend it.  A friend suggested it after I tried to send a tweet to a church with the word "hashtag" in it.  My phone autocorrected "hashtag" to "hashish".  So I sent a tweet about drugs to a church.  I'm keepin' it classy, America.

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