February 20, 2011

Fried Chicken Brains

I find myself wanting to start every single blog post with the word "y'all".  I must fight. the. urge.  I sometimes forget that "y'all" aren't just sitting here in my kitchen with me.
  • The raffle ends in about 2.5 hours.  Deep breath.  I'm going to pull a Tony Hayward after the oil spill and say, "I just want my life back!"  It's been super fun to watch the money roll in and watch that thermometer climb- but I am Beat with a capital B.
  • I am speaking to a group of social work graduate students tomorrow about reactive attachment disorder from a parent's perspective.  In order to help me prepare for my talk, my attachment challenged son has just about lost his chit these last 10 days.  You know- lest I forget how bad it can be in the trench.  We've even added selective mutism to his repertoire.  That's been real fun.  Just when you think you get one frick frack paddy whack behavior figured out- another takes its place.        
  • God bless my husband who has taken care of the kids most of the weekend to keep me from needing to check myself in somewhere.  And thanks to my mom who made me an adult beverage and spent hours (and hours) helping me write out raffle tickets.
  • And thanks to Noah for always providing the comic relief around here.  It's not uncommon with his auditory issues for him to add letters and extra syllables to words.  Tonight at dinner he asked me to look in his mouth because he had a "penis of food" stuck in between his teeth. 
  • My calm and peaceful daughter decided that she wanted to take karate classes.  She's been at it for about a month.  She is clumsy and awkward but so insanely cute as she spars with the boys in her class (she's the only girl in there)  She's trying so hard and is enjoying it so much- I'm just crazy proud of her! 
  •  I only own 2 winter dresses that I alternate in high rotation.  But since I've gained eleventeen pounds in the last 4 weeks, they are both hooker tight.  We have a charity auction to go to on Saturday and I need to be presentable (aka: non-hooker) in front of some of my hubby's clients- so today I went dress shopping.  I hit the jackpot- I found a $40 dress, marked down to $14.99.  I jumped all over it.  And for some crazy reason when I checked out with it, that steal of a dress rang up for $8.96.  I invested in some ultra control top pantyhose with my savings.
  • In case there needs to be further evidence that I am getting older and less cool, I found myself being attracted to a line of clothing designed by Valerie Bertinelli.  Then I hopped in my minivan and slathered on wrinkle cream.  I die. 
  • Everyone I know is pregnant.  All the more reason I should only drink diet Pepsi instead of the water around here.  Although that would explain the eleventeen pounds I've gained... (my mom just keeled over at that thought, I guarantee it)
  • This is list is so random.  I've just decided that my brain is fried like chicken.  I'll announce the winner of the raffle on Monday night.  Then starting on Tuesday, I'm going to sleep for 4 straight days. Or at least 8 straight hours.  Or until Teen Mom 2 comes on- whichever happens first.

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