February 09, 2011

Fun With One

I frequently whisper to all three of my kids "I love you the best.  Don't tell the rest."  To my knowledge, they haven't compared notes.  I've been telling them this for years.  I may be doing psychological damage, but they think it is super fun to be the "most" loved.  And I love seeing their tiny faces light up when they think they are the very center of my universe.

One of my favorite things about parenting many small children, is having one on one time with each of them.  Around here we call it "special time".  We rotate around whose turn it is to have mommy or daddy all to themselves for an outing.  Each of the kids have their "group" personality- who they are as a big sister, little brother, middle child, etc.  But when you get them alone and away from the group we see such neat aspects of their personalities that only come through when they are nurtured with uninterrupted attention.

Yesterday, our school system had a two hour delay so Noah's preschool was cancelled.  Sadie went on to school and Miles still had his group therapy, so Noah got two hours of special time.  I told him that we could do whatever he wanted on our date and he chose to have breakfast at McDonald's and then go to Target.  (He is sooooo my child!)  Over pancakes and sausage biscuits, we discussed some really important things.  Noah wanted to know if I'd ever pooped in the dark.  Then he wanted to know if I've ever pooped when someone was flicking the lights off and on.  (I'm going to coin the term "strobe pooping" here)  He wanted to know if I'd ever wished that I could have a tail with spikes on it.  He wanted to know if I'd ever fallen into a volcano.  He wanted to know if I'd ever heard anyone toot so loud that the house shook.  I wish I could just spend one day in his brain. 

Then we went on to Target.  It's rare that I go there with just one child.  We didn't need anything in particular, so we just went wherever Noah wanted to go.  When he started screaming that we were being chased by a dromeosaurus we ran away from it because well- why not?  Everyone needs to run away from a dinosaur every now and them to keep them young.  He told me all about how we could run as fast as we could but that eventually we'd get eaten because dromeosauruses can run 55 miles an hour and he could only run for 6 minutes on the wii.  Then we found an endcap with all of these singing Valentine's Day animals.  They sang "Who Let The Dogs Out" so we had to line them all up and let the dogs have a concert, of course.

All in all, it was such a fun morning together.  For me, these are the things that make motherhood worth while.  Well, that, and strobe pooping.  Which, if it wasn't a two man operation, would be tops on my list of things to accomplish today.

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