February 04, 2011

I like big buts

I did a little pre-spring cleaning to my google reader today.  I chopped off a lot of blogs that I just don't want to read anymore.  Here's what got purged: all those wackadoo mom's who talk about how perfect their lives and kids are all the time, how they paid cash for their big mansions on the hill, and actually shower on a regular basis.  On the flip side, I also purged all the blogs I call the "Eeyore blogs".  You know the ones- every single little thing sucks all the time. (my MIL is a bitty, I got a hangnail, my husband is scum, my kids torture puppies, etc. day in and day out.) 

What I do like, is people that keep it real.  The ones who find balance.  The ones who say, "Hells yeah, life is hard, but you know what?  I keep walking, I keep putting something good out there and looking for small victories in the everyday."  Those are the people I like.  Are you going to have bad days?  Ummm hello?  Two special needs kids over here- I get bad days (a lot!).  But after copious amounts of alcohol, antidepressants, shopping reflection, I've decided that I need to surround myself with what's real and feel grateful for it. 

I like to look at it as a "bloom where you are planted" philosophy.  Can you get bogged down in the "why me's"?  Absolutely.  But if you do, you miss out of some pretty spectacular things and some pretty phenomenal people.  One of my dearest friends started out as one of my boy's therapists.  A huge chunk of my support system/group of friends are people that I met while muddling my way through attachment issues with our other son.  And while I did wallow about the fact that I needed those people in my life in the first place, I had to just get over it and be ever so thankful that they were there.

Essentially what I'm saying is that I like big buts (and I can not lie- you otha brothas can't deny...)  I like the story that says, I'm parenting xyz, married to xyz, or living with xzy and it is hard BUT I'm going to BLOOM today and figure out what my role is in making this life as good as it can be with the circumstances I've been dealt.  All that to say- after all my purging I need new blogs to read.  If you fit the "Big But" criteria, make sure you leave a comment with your blog address so we can all read your Big But blog.  (Also- can you tell I've been watching too much Live Your Best Life TV on the new OWN? Sheesh!)

I feel like this is the part where I'm supposed to say, go... be your best, most authentic self... blah, blah, blah.  However, if I was going to go be my most authentic self, I'd probably stop shaving, stop wearing undies, and live of off candy and caffeine.  Oh wait... I already do that (except the undies part, cause, well... gross.) 

Hope your weekend is spectacular.  And don't forget to buy your RAFFLE tickets! (And whatever you do- do NOT google image search "I like big butts"- there are some HUGE juicy doubles that come up that will probably catch your eyes on fire if you look at them.  Yowza!)

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