February 19, 2011

Last Call!

I can't believe it is about to come to a close- but the vacation raffle ends tomorrow (Sunday) night!  We had to change the original goal of raising $8000 because you all are so awesome that you defeated that challenge. (I knew you would!)  The new fundraising thermometer now has a goal of $10,000.  Now- I know that is lofty and we only have about 36 hours left to do it in.  But hey- I say go big or go home for the people of Congo and Haiti, right!? 

I can't wait to see who wins the vacations.  I'm hoping that whoever does, takes me with you!  On both of them.  I think I'll ski first, then chill at the beach!   So here's your last chance- if you've been putting off buying your tickets, you are nearly out of time!  Hurry!  And if you've already bought some tickets but you love Haiti and Congo so much and you are feeling lucky- then by all means buy some more!

I'm floored at the generosity that has been shown over these last few weeks as we raise money for people who are in need.  Let's bring this raffle to a close on a positive note!  Keep sharing about it, keep buying tickets, and by all means- dream about winning those vacations!!!!

These little cuties want you to load up on raffle tickets. 
Seriously- how can you say no to those faces?

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