February 24, 2011

Megan 201

About a year ago, I did a Megan 101 post.  Consider this your 201 course.  Or 102.  I was never sure how that goes...

1.The control freak in me always hated group projects, but I met my BFF while working on a group project in college.  We were doing a project on divorce and kinda fell in love with each other and the rest is best friend history.  In that same group, we had a girl who at the age of 19 carried her vibrator around in her purse "just in case".  To say that college expands your horizons is an understatement!

2.I read the news out of Africa every single morning.  But only read the US news a couple of times a week.  I always feel like if there is something I really need to know- I will see it on Facebook.

3.I don't really like to talk on the phone.  I prefer texting.  I'm funnier in print- and awkward in person.  Perhaps that's why I like to text.

4.I like breakfast food for dinner.  Except eggs.  I like eggs, but if I know that the little, white, squiggly chicken backbone hasn't been picked out, I get grossed out.  At actual breakfast time, I like to eat cookies.

5.I am notorious for screwing up song lyrics.  In our first year of marriage, I busted out a spirited rendition of a Van Halen song I thought was called "Animal" only to have Kamron tell me it was actually "Panama". 

6.I really want another daughter in our house.  Right between Sadie and Noah.  I think a five year old would fit in just perfectly around here.

7.I find myself listening to kids bop in the car even when the kids aren't with me.  Same goes with iCarly on TV long after the kids have left the room.

8.I like to watch train wreck celebrity profiles on E!  Okay- I love everything on E!  My husband will be mortified that I just shared that.

9.Fish (or any kind of seafood) makes me want to puke.

10.I'm sleeping on the same bed that my parents had when they got married circa 1980.  I get grossed out every time I think about it.

11.I'm on the downhill slide to thirty, which does not bother me in the least except that I find that I need to buy both anti aging eye cream and acne medication on the same shopping trip. 

12.In the fourth grade, I had a hard time identifying as a girl, since all the other girls seemed to be into practicing cheerleading moves on the playground.  That was sooooo not me.  Another non-girly girl in my class and I started the tomboy line.  Boys, girls, tomboys.  All seemed right with the world.

13.There are a few books I read every year: Gone With The Wind, To Kill A Mockingbird, A Million Little Pieces and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

14.My husband is working his way through watching the AFI top 100 movies.  I can't stay awake past the first 20 minutes of any of them.  Turn on the tv at night and I am a goner.

15.When I was in college, despite the fact that in the dorms I could stay out all night, my parents still made me come home at 11pm when I was home for the weekends.  Boo.

16.I'm pretty sure that it's not true, but I've always had in my head that I was conceived in the backseat of my dad's jeep.  Perhaps I'll have to do some fact checking with my mother on that one so I can get that image out of my head.

17.If I were to go to my dream vacation destinations, they would be: Tahiti, an African safari and Rome to see all the cathedrals.

18.When I was in college, I was walking down the sidewalk in broad day light when a man grabbed me by the shoulders spun me around and screamed, "FUUUUUUDGE" in my face at the top of his lungs.  Only he didn't say fudge.  Then he let me go.  I suppose he just needed to scream an expletive at someone.  I get it- sometimes I'd like to do that, too.  But I always walked around with my keys sticking out between my fingers like weapons after that.

19. I like to go and eat lunch with my daughter at her elementary school.  Not only does she get so excited, but I really love school lunches.  The odd combinations of pizza and corn somehow thrill my soul.

20. I have a crescent shaped scar on my right hand where my cousin bit me when we were kids.  Little did we know that we were setting the trend for Twihards.

21. My toes are double jointed and I can make them click and go side to side like a metronome.  It really grosses out my husband.

22.I've mentioned before that I can't burp.  On our honeymoon we went on a glass bottom boat tour.  Kamron says they had water, but I will swear that they only had rum punch on this little excursion.  It was really hot and I was really thirsty, so I partook of a wee bit too much.  Rum punch is the only know substance that can make me burp and I did three of the most enormous burps (near puking kind of burps) known to man when we got back to our room.  We call that night, "the night of the three big burps" and we still laugh about it all the time.  My new husband was probably sorry he married me after that little uncontrollable issue.

23.My mom and dad got divorced when I was 20.  And no- it did not screw me up for life.  They get along swimmingly now and are poster children when it comes to pulling together for their kids and grandkids.

24.My favorite vegetable is lima beans.

25.My current celebrity crush is Anderson Cooper.  He could tell me the news any day.

26.We keep all of our family photo albums in a closet right next to our front door, so hopefully if there was ever a fire, we could grab them on our way out.

27.I have a collection of postcards that took me about ten years to build during my teen years.  Unfortunatly, though, 15 year old girls tend to send postcards of hot guys instead of postcards related to where they are.  So my postcard collection is really a hodgepodge of muscley men pictures with slogans like, "I've got a package for you.  No wait- it's only a postcard."

28.I have no decorating sense. 

29.My favorite age of kids is age 4.  Old enough to be a little independent but still young enough to be sweet and innocent. 

30.I bawled my eyes out when Captain Phil on the Deadliest Catch died.  I think it's because Phil reminds me so much of my dad.

31.When we only had one kid, I didn't want anyone else to hold her, much less keep her.  Now that we have three, I would probably leave them with a prostitute or war criminal if they offered to babysit.

32.The first two birthdays I had after we got married, we were so broke that my husband had to buy me things that we really needed.  That first birthday, I got a new mop.  The second one, I got a dust buster.  They were some of my most prized possessions even though it just about killed my husband to give me a mop for my birthday.

33. I saved all my old love letters from my teenage days.  I don't ever read them, but I just like knowing that they are there. 

34. I was once in a local theatre production of Steel Magnolias.  After the show, a man in the audience came up to me and told me that my version of a southern accent was spot on.  He seemed really proud of me.  I just smiled and did a little nod.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that that was my real life voice.

35.  I went on a mission trip to the Appalachain mountains my senior year of high school.  We did repair work on people's trailers who had no running water in their homes.  They were still using outhouses.  The children didn't have shoes.  I met a little 5 year old boy named Cody that week and I still think about him to this day. That week inspired something in me and changed my life for years to come.

36. I think the toilet paper roll should go over instead of under.  I get this from my mother who will actually change people's toilet paper when she goes to their houses.

37. My favorite board game is Taboo.  Kamron and I make a killer team at this one.

38.  I made it until I was 28 before I ever had a cavity.  I came home and cried because I was disappointed in my tooth brushing ability.  To be so spacey, I kind of have some perfectionistic tendancies.  Same thing happened when I got my first "B" in fourth grade math.  Damn fractions.

39.  I'd like to one day do something really radical to improve the world.  I just haven't yet decided what that something is.  When I figure it out- look out!

40.  I wish that I knew how to dance.  I love to dance, but I am so bad at it and look so awkward doing it. 

41.  I bruise like a peach.  I also like peaches.  And peach tea.  And Georgia.  But not Georgia sports teams.

42.  Sadie's baby book is 25% blank.  Noah's baby book is 50% blank.  Miles does not even have a baby book.  I became that mom.  Ugh.

43. I'm not a fan of popcorn.  When I go to the movies I prefer Junior Mints.

44. I sometimes go through stages where I will cut out coupons but I never remember to take them to the store with me.

45. We all fight over who gets to cuddle up in this one blanket that we have in our house.  Ironically, that blanket was a gift to me from an ex-boyfriend over 15 years ago.  Crazy boyfriend- fantastic blanket. 

46. I have a hard time relaxing.  I can only watch TV for a few minutes at a time before I get up to do some sort of chore or walk around.  I don't remember my mom ever sitting down when I was kid.  Maybe that's where I get it.  However, my childhood house was always spotless as a result of her busy bodyness.  That is SO not the case in my home!

47. I ignore the emails from the PTO.  I wish I didn't have to but I don't think they want me bringing these wild and crazy boys to volunteer in the library.

48. I think that I am allegic to the stuff that goes in hot tubs to keep them clean.  But that doesn't stop me from wanting one on my back deck. 

49. I like to take pictures but I never do anything with them. They just sit on my computer and rot.
50. After almost 10 years of marriage, I still can't make a certain bodily noise in front of my husband.  Unless I do it in my sleep and that doesn't count- even if it does wake both of us up.

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