February 10, 2011

You've gotta check this out!

After church on Sunday, our very own family photographer, Elizabeth Lauer of Lizzie Loo Photography (see her work in our header!) said she wanted to figure out a way to help our raffle causes.   I love it when people get creative because some really cool things happen!

Lizzie Loo has put together a silent auction that coincides with our Millions of Miles raffle!  She's giving you a chance to bid on a family photo session + DVD + prints. (A $1000 value!)  The winning bid will be donated to Heartline (Haiti) and OFA (Congo). Plus, she's giving the winner some entries into the vacation raffle!  All of the details are up on her blog- including how to bid and more info about the prizes.  She's even covering the travel if you are within 150 miles from us!  (We are outside of Louisville, KY)  So if you are in Frankfort, Cincinnati, Lexington, southern Indiana, southern Ohio or are planning on traveling this way in the next year and could get your photos done then, you must check out this awesomeness.  Heck- if you are traveling here on your way to somewhere, I'll even treat you to lunch after your photo session :-)

I'm going to treat you all to a sampling of some Lizzie Lou photos just to entice you to get the bidding going!  Don't you want some gorgeous professional photos of your family?  Of course you do!  So why not bid now while all the money is going to charity?!  Duh- it's a no brainer!

Thanks so much to Lizzie Lou for putting on this fundraiser within a fundraiser.  Go to Liz's blog to get your bid on!  You can follow the bidding on Lizzie Loo's Facebook page.  And while you are at it- you should just go ahead and like the Millions of Miles facebook page, too ;-)

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