March 14, 2011


I'd like to say that there is a good reason why I've taken a hiatus for the last 5 days, but the reason is not good.  In fact, if I'm confessing, it's because I discovered Words With Friends and it has taken over my life.  (Words With Friends is a version of scrabble that you play on your phone)  I'm completely entrenched in coming up with words and trying to beat my mother.  I've even started playing complete strangers.  I played one sciencey nerd who played words like genome and zygote.  I play words like gay and go.  Speaking of gay- I'm still digesting a documentary I saw last week by Lisa Ling.  It was about Christianity and homosexuality.  Did you see it? It's a whole other blog post that I'll have to write when my phone doesn't keep buzzing with a message that it's my move against whoever I'm playing Words With Friends against at the moment.  But I've got a lot to say about it!  For now I'll just say that we've all got baggage we will leave before the feet of Jesus and who am I to say that my baggage is better or worse that your baggage.  I think the MTV (Megan Terry Version) of the Bible would read, "He who is without baggage, cast the first judgement"...

We had a jam packed weekend.  It started with a surprise 86th birthday party for Kamron's grandpa, Keller, who is such a good and kind man.  I forgot my camera.  Had I remembered it, I'd have lots of pictures to document an enormous family (there are 8 children and about eleventeen hundred grandchildren) full of smiles and happiness and love.  And then there were my children running laps around the tables in the restaurant with their cousins.  I love big families- too bad I'm not up for having one of my own!

Kamron and I had some alone time to go shopping while his sister kept our children after the party.  We needed some summer clothes to take to Hawaii since ours seem to have *ahem* shrunken a little in the closet over the winter.  Kamron racked up.  I, on the other hand, cursed myself for not wearing spanx to try on clothes and thus returned pretty much everything I tried on back to the rack.  I will be the pasty white, nekkid girl on the beach in Hawaii.  I have one cotton dress to wear to the business stuff we need to go to (don't you hate it when the company sends you to Hawaii?) and I will just wear it every day.  Those people don't know me, so whatever!  I'm looking forward to a lot of things about this vacation: the time away from the kids, the pineapple, sleeping in a king sized bed, maid service, the sun, and some time to just be with my husband.  We got pregnant about 30 seconds after returning from our honeymoon so we haven't traveled together without kids since our honeymoon.  I'm pumped but nervous about leaving my kids for that long.  There is no telling what will be going through Miles head.  I'm afraid that since we've never been apart, the attachment challenged part of his brain will tell him that I've abandoned him.  I'm trying to prepare myself for some fallout- but I know that the children will be in good hands with my sister-in-law and my mom.  Seriously, they are saints to take on three children, their school and therapy schedules and such for an entire week.  (And in case you are a burglar- they are keeping the children at our own house, so wipe that thought out of your head) 

We spent the rest of our weekend cheering on our beloved UK Wildcats and hanging out at my dad's farm.  It was the perfect way to remedy day light savings time.  We turned the children loose and they burned off all their energy so they would go to sleep at their regular time.  We grilled out hamburgers and hiked in the woods and rode all over in the four wheeler.  My dad let Sadie sit in his lap and steer the four wheeler.  It reminded me of when he used to let me sit in his lap and drive up the driveway when I was a little girl.  Grandparents are such a treasure!

Hope that your weekend was wonderful!

Papaw Johnny with Noah, Miles and Sadie

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