March 30, 2011

Just Another Day

* I unpacked our suitcases today.  This is a record for me (home only 3 days).  The last time we went on vacation, it took me about 3 weeks to tackle the unpacking.  I must have had a mental block about it, because instead of unpacking and washing, I actually just bought the children new undies.  I *may* have even gone commando a few times to avoid the unpacking.  I was so totally proud of myself for tackling the suitcases in a timely manner this time around that I treated myself to some chocolate covered macadamia nuts. 

* I spent 7 days in the sun and I am still lily white.  Darn that fear of skin cancer and 50 SPF sunscreen that keeps me in a perpetual state of vampirishness.

* Kamron and I can not adjust to the 6 hour time change between Hawaii and Kentucky.  We've been up at 1am for a few days now.  Pre-vacation, I would flake out on the couch within minutes of the kids falling asleep and I'd wake up there in the morning.  The last couple of days we've been staying up late watching episodes of The Office together and giggling as we get slap happy.  It is amazing what some time away does for a marriage!

*  I'll be speaking at The Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit VII in Louisville in May.  I will have the honor of serving on a panel with the fabulous Kristen Howerton from Rage Against the Minivan, discussing how busy moms can be advocates for orphans.  I'm so excited about the summit.  Karyn Purvis (one of the leading experts on attachment disorders) is one of the keynote speakers.  I'm planning on tethering myself to her and hanging on for dear life.  If you are interested in orphan care, adoption, post-adoption issues, or have ever thought about starting an adoption/orphan care ministry in your church, you should totally check out this conference- the schedule for the breakout sessions is A-mazing.

*  Miles changed his own diaper this afternoon. I kid you not. The kid still refuses to go on the potty.  He loves to sit on the toilet and yell out, "Futzal!" as he passes gas, but doesn't ever do anything more than sit there and make noise. (The futzal part comes from our sweet German friend who comes to help us out once a week around the house. I think it may be the German phrase for toot?) The adult in me screams out, "If you can figure out how to change your own diaper, then you are certainly old enough to use the potty!"  But the mom in me who sits in attachment therapy every week with my kid, knows that nothing about parenting this child fits the norm.  Perhaps one of these days, we will finally say goodbye to diapers. (My heart skips a beat just dreaming about it!)  He has, however, upped his cuteness factor by learning the first part to twinkle twinkle little star.  It's darling.  If I can get him to do it on command, I'll film it and share it!

* I did 34 Sudoku puzzles on the plane ride to and from vacation.  I never could get past the easy ones.  I spent about 2 hours staring at a medium one before I finally drew an x over the whole page and gave up.  I think after 7 years out of the job world, that my brain can no longer function at a higher level.  This further proves (aside from the fact that I would rather pull my toenails off) that I could never home school my kids.

* Hubby had to work late tonight and wasn't home for dinner.  Instead of serving cereal (the usual when he's gone) we made pigs in a blanket. This caused Noah to jump up and down screaming, "You are the best mommy in the whole world!"  It truly is the little things.

* I never cease to be amazed at some of the creative ways that families raise money to pay for an adoption.  I also get amazed at how much some families are willing to sacrifice to bring another child into their family.  The mother of this family is raffling off her wedding ring to bring home two sweet, special needs, little girls.  They have sold everything they can and applied for tons of grants and she felt like the only thing left to help them raise funds in a hurry was her ring.  One of the girls they are adopting needs surgery as soon as possible and needs to get to the US.  They have been trying to raise money for a while and are up to just over $800 of the thousands needed to get these girls home.  If you have $5 (or lots more) to spare- please help them out.  They are so deserving.  And if you happen to win the raffle, please consider letting sweet Catherine keep her wedding ring.  Go HERE for all the details and to donate.

* My daughter has decided that she wants to be a baby shark rescuer when she grows up.  I have visions of Noah being a professional mama's boy, and I can totally see Miles as a Hollywood socialite.  Don't anyone tell them that these are the visions I have of them.  Just think of how pleasantly surprised I will be when they *hopefully* decide to become inventors, pediatricians and teachers.

* The tulips bloomed in my front yard this week.  That means that spring is officially here.  Next week is spring break and I am so looking forward to having many wonderful adventures with the littles while they are out of school.  Speaking of the littles, I should go and bathe them and read some bedtime stories...

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