March 10, 2011

Midweek Mishmash

* I took Miles out for pancakes after we dropped Noah off at school.  The child did not stop talking the whole time we were out.  Every person who walked by our table got the same phrase, "NOAH DID IT!"  Over and over and over.  Then we went to Target (because with the flu I hadn't been there for 2 full weeks.  Shockingly, I didn't die!)  From the cart, Miles yelled the same three phrases over and over again in a pattern : I BURPED!  HANG ON TIGHT!  and IT STINKS- MOMMY DID IT!"  Yep- this is what we've reeped from hours and hours of speech therapy.  Raising boys is weird- air leaving the body in some form or fashion is the highlight of their existence.

*Noah and I were reading his Noah's Ark story book that his sweet teacher gave him for his birthday last year.  We've read it many times.  After we read the last page last night, I closed the book.  Noah looked perplexed.  He said, "How old was I when I did that?"  He actually thinks that he is THE Noah in the Bible who built the ark and that he just doesn't remember doing it.

*I'm leaving in 9 days for Hawaii.  With my hot husband.  And no kids.  My heart just skipped a beat thinking about it.  With no kids around, I wonder if after all these years the hubs and I will have anything to talk about.  I suppose there are always people on the beach in thongs (or worse!) to give us something to giggle about.

*I've never had the chicken pox, just in case you were wondering.

*You should check out the following fundraisers for ophan care and adoption.  LOVE them.  Go HERE and HERE.

*I bought my ticket to the BlogHer conference in August in San Diego.  I'm so excited!  I always think that it is weird that people feel like they "know" me from blogging- but I find myself doing the same exact thing to my blogging heroes.  I'll be the person there snapping pics like a papparazo at all the "famous" bloggers that I'm too scared to walk up and talk to.  Like the time my friend Ellen and I saw Rupert from Survivor at the children's museum and instead of just walking up and saying hi, we giggled like school girls and peered at him through the glass while our kids looked at us like we were loopy.

*I'm tired of all of my winter clothes.  I bought a new top a couple of weeks ago and I have worn it every single time I've left the house for the last two weeks- minus the days I had the flu and didn't get dressed (or shower or brush my teeth).  I get stuck in "uniform" mode.  If you have plans to see me in the next week or so, here is your fair warning that I will be in jeans and a black top.

*I signed the middle little up for soccer yesterday.  I'm officially a soccer mom.  Driving around in my minivan.  Gah- I'm so freaking cool I scare myself sometimes.

*I was snuggled up on the couch with Noah this morning while we were waiting for the others to wake up.  He had his head laying on my chest and we were talking about what he was going to do at school.  He stopped mid sentence and said, "Mom- your boobs smell like diet Pepsi."  There you have it folks- I've reached toxic levels and it is now leaking out of my pores.

* Miles is poking at my legs saying, "I want something chips.  I want something grapes.  I want something cheese."  I should probably go do something about that.  Life's greatest mystery- I feed them and they just get hungry again.  Go figure.

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