March 28, 2011


After eight days of Hawaiian happiness- today we came home.  This last week was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. (minus the 40 hours it took us to get there- thank you very much American Airlines for making us miss a day of our vacation with all your delays!)

Our kids are great travelers and we love taking our kids on vacations.  But this week was just for the grown ups.  We did all the adventurous things we couldn't do if we traveled with our littles.  One of my favorite things about hubby's job is that twice a year they give us the opportunity to earn trips to some crazy over the top locations to do a little business.  They put us up in hotels that make you feel like a movie star.  "Mrs. Terry, can I offer you a chilled towel?"  "Mrs. Terry, let me pull your car around for you."  "Can I refresh your drink, Mrs. Terry?" It is such a far cry from the Super 8 type motels we go to when we travel on our own dime! We got spoiled to the nth degree.  Every time we left our room, little elves went in there and straightened it up for us.  They turned down my bed every night and left me a Belgian chocolate on my pillow and turned on classical music.  Opulence always makes me feel a little awkward and guilty, but this week we just rolled with it.  I soaked in every minute of someone waiting on me hand and foot. 

The view from our room at the St. Regis in Kawaii

In the "backyard" of our hotel
This was the first time that Kamron and I have traveled alone together since we had Sadie over 7 years ago.  I'll just throw this out there- when no one has to take care of kids, it is so much easier to have a smooth and happy marriage!  We became super fun people who didn't have a care in the world!  I like the vacation versions of ourselves.

We tried so many things and did so many things that are out of our comfort zone!

We drove all over Kauai, Hawaii in a convertible.  I'd never even been in a convertible before, but I have to say, it was a whole lot more fun than my mom-mobile mini van!
Bustin' out of mom mode

How hot is this man?

Driving through the countryside.
 We took some surfing lessons in Hanalei Bay where they filmed the movie South Pacific. (And the bay that inspired the song "Puff The Magic Dragon")  We took pics of the experience with our disposable underwater camera, but haven't gotten it developed.  It involves this thing called film- perhaps you've heard of it? 

The ocean scares me to death.  I'm terrified of jellyfish and octopus and stingrays.  The last time I tried to jump in the ocean about 10 years ago, I hyperventilated and had to be pulled back on the boat by some giant men.  I never even tried it again until this week.  I figured it was now or never to conquer my fear of the ocean, so we signed up for a surfing lesson.  It was probably the highlight of my trip.  Kamron got up on the second wave he tried, it took me til the fourth attempt to stand upright on my board.  I took a few tumbles where I snorted half the sea up my nose.  It was like an extreme Netti pot.  I'd love to try surfing again.  It was so much fun!
Hanalei Bay- where we took our surfing lesson
We spent one whole day trekking to the top of Wimea Canyon.  It is nicknamed the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific".  The views of this place were just breathtaking! I think Kamron would call the canyon his favorite part of trip.

Check out that rainbow!
We pulled off on every scenic overlook that was on the island and discovered some great treasures!

Lappert's Island Ice Cream was one of our favorite discoveries!

On our last day in Hawaii, we went on a catamaran tour of the Napali Coast.  National Geographic calls it one of the 10 most beautiful natural wonders in the world.  I whole heartedly agree.  We saw about 20 migrating humpback whales.  We never saw them breach all the way out of the water, but it was so cool to see them shooting water out of their spouts on the horizon.  Since I was all about conquering my fear of the ocean this week, we threw on some snorkel gear and did some snorkeling on the coast.  It was amazing!  We saw countless tropical fish and a couple of sea turtles.  I loved the whole experience.

Overall, it was just a glorious week filled with adventure and time to be together.  It's always wonderful to bring some silliness and some romance back into the picture.   I'm not sure what the mister would say, but I think I fell in love with this boy all over again. 

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