March 08, 2011


Today is "Join Me On The Bridge" day- an event put on by Women for Women International.  Over 20,000 people are gathering on bridges all over the world today to say no to war and yes to peace.  There was not an event going on anywhere close to us, so we created our own.  Our small family gathered on a local, backroad bridge and said a prayer for peace for people all over the world.  We took a moment to pause and stand in solidarity with those who are speaking out against war and oppression. 

We lit a candle in honor of Miles' birth mother.  I thought over and over again how her life may have been different if her country was not at war.  I thanked her for her sacrifice and prayed for her safety, wherever she may be. 

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we
belong to each other. ~Mother Teresa

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