April 18, 2011

Dear Justin

This little girl...

...is a nerd.  I LOVE that about her.  She and her bestie will spend hours every afternoon playing school.  She writes out and solves math problems for fun.  Part of her bedtime ritual lately has been reading pages and pages of words out of her dictionary. (Yep, total nerd!)  We say our prayers and then usually she'll say sometime like, "Mom!  I got through the c's last night!"  And I'll make some sort of comment about how I love her giant brain.  So imagine my surprise when last night she confessed that the night before she had stayed up late writing a letter to... Justin Beiber.

Now- Sadie is a fan.  She listens to the CD on repeat and I took her to see the movie.  But she's never bought into that crazed girl fan thing.  Or so I thought.  She handed me the letter and asked me to mail it to Justin.

When she gave it to me, it was folded up and looked like this:

...And I thought, "oh how sweet.  She drew him a nice picture.  That is so wholesome."
Then I opened it up and saw this letter from her brother that he dictated to her:

...And I thought, well... "She did a good job with her sentence formations, etc." 
Then I unfolded the letter the rest of the way and what I found made me wonder what had come over my nerdy girl!

Yep- that's my daughter giving Justin her digits and telling him where she lives and that she has bought his "se de" (ummm, CD, I believe)  She even signed it xoxo. 
*sigh*  They grow up so fast!

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