April 12, 2011

Driving Around In My Automobile

Bear with me- it's one of those weird days.  Not bad, just weird.  Weird in that the transmission went out of hubby's car this weekend and even though we thought he would still be able to drive it until it just died, it is stuck at the bottom of our driveway because it will only go forward and we can't back it up the hill.  So I'm adding in a hot 33 year old man to my daily carpool list.  It made today's schedule re-damn-diculous:

8:50- drive Noah to school
9:00- take Kamron to work then rush home for psychology appointment for Miles
10:00: begin marathon psychology appointment (an hour and a half!) for Miles.  I love love love that Miles therapist is so into helping him.
11:45- run to Noah's school to pick him up, swallow food on the go and get to Miles 3(ish) year checkup.
12:45- doctors appointment that went on forever trying to figure out why our kid won't grow.  Today's stats for an estimated 36-39 month old.  31 inches tall and 22.8 pounds.  Tomorrow's agenda includes fasting blood work to check for juvenile diabetes and thyroid conditions.  Good times.
2:00- leave doctor's office and speed down the interstate to get home to get Sadie off the bus
3:00- waste time blogging when I should be doing a million other things
4:00- get one to Karate
5:15- pick up daughter and go rescue husband from work
5:30- get dropped off and scrape together some dinner before hubby has to get to church for a meeting.
7:00- baths, homework,spongebob,stories, teeth, prayers, lather-rinse-repeat

As I sat in my car to and from all these appointments I wondered why in the world I bothered to go to college and get a marketing degree.  I should have just majored in carpooling!  (Or nursery rhymes or laundry or dirty dishes or potty training)  It seems like every few weeks we have a stretch of days where all of our appointments just mount up and all of our committee meetings all meet at the same time and I am reduced down to just my driver's license.  It is these weeks where I want to pull my hair out and I have to remind myself why it is that we don't just sell everything and go live in a shack on the beach with no possessions but our bathing suits and some lawn chairs.  Come to think of it, I can't really remember why it is that we don't do that.  Hmmmm.  There's a thought.

If you can't find me it's because I'm in my car... driving to my shack on the beach  driving yahoos back and forth to all the places they need to be.  Is it Friday yet?

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