April 14, 2011

My tiny advocates

I believe that the issue of child abuse and neglect affects all of us.  If the statistics hold true, out of the 24 kids in my daughter's first grade class, 4-6 of the children in that room are victims of child abuse or neglect.  To me, that is scary stuff.  I want the kids that my children choose for friends and future mates to be the most whole, happy people they can be free from abuse.  Couple that with the fact that many of Miles' behaviors are indicative of lots of strange things in his past, and we wanted to go yesterday to support a great resource in our town called Family and Children's Place. FCP helps to advocate for victims of childhood abuse and neglect and aids in prevention by helping families at risk and by spreading awareness.  I love that this exists in our town.  There are too many children (especially children in our adoption/foster care community) who have suffered through abuse.  We went to an event yesterday to stand with and advocate for FCP and celebrate the hope and healing they bring to our community.

The local news agency evidently was smitten with my boys and asked us for an interview.  I love that they get to be tiny advocates!  They went nuts seeing themselves on the news and I rejoiced that my twang is only slightly ridiculous. (You can also "like" Millions of Miles on facebook if you'd like to see this kind of stuff before it gets blogged about!)

Here's a link to the story and the video package:


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