April 30, 2011

A sporty kind of day

Today was a big day for sports in our house!  Noah had his first ever soccer game.  I'll just say that there are very few things in life cuter than a whole bunch of 3 and 4 year olds running haphazardly after a ball.  We started the day at the soccer field with a little boy who was SO excited to be in his soccer shirt at his first game!

Noah in maroon getting a good kick in! 

Noah's cheering section!

Soccer is super fun when one of your besties is on the other team!

Then it was Sadie's turn to shine!  Today was the day she's been working hard for since January- the test to become a yellow belt in tae kwon do.   The girl strutted her stuff on the mat today! 

All smiles!

 She earned the yellow belt! Woo Hoo!

 I'm so proud of my stars today!  But I think this is the thing that I am most proud of.  As part of earning the yellow belt Sadie had to write an essay about what tae kwon do has taught her.  This is what she came up with:

Do you see that part about how "it helps me not be nervous" and "gives me confidence"? 
That is priceless!  This has been so good for her. 

And this little guy?

He was a first class wild man cheerleader for his brother and sister today.

Now- is it bed time yet?  I'm whooped!

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