April 25, 2011

This and That

* I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!  Birthday celebrations were in full swing on Friday and the fam took me out for dinner at a hibachi grill.  My kids think that hibachi grills are about the best thing to ever happen to rice and chicken. I wholeheartedly agree.  Onion volcanoes get me every time.  Then it was cake and ice cream at a local bakery and then rolling home with bellies near the popping stage. 

* I was gluttonous on my birthday.  My mom took care of my boys during the day and I got a massage.  And I didn't feel one bit guilty about it.  It was blissful.  Then I got my eyebrows waxed- not so blissful.

* After trying to make the children forget about the dying of the Easter eggs for a whole week, I finally caved and said that we could do it on Saturday morning.  I'll admit that I had to type "How to boil and egg" into google.  Beyond sticking it in water, I had no idea how long it was supposed to sit in the water.  Remember- I don't eat eggs that can't have the squiggly thing pulled out of them.  We now have a whole container of hard boiled eggs that look like this...

...because mama can't stand the smell of vinegar we don't keep it around and I forgot that it is a necessity for dying eggs.  I went to three convenience stores looking for vinegar before I just gave up and told the kids that our eggs were remaining purists. So we struck out.  BOO! #parentingfail

* Instead, we hunted eggs of the plastic variety with the cousins after church. (Inside- because we've had 300 feet of rain in the last week!)  The kids had a ball!

* In case you are wondering, when you run out of vegetable oil while making brownies, do NOT text someone to tell them and especially don't try to shorten vegetable oil to veg oil.  The resulting text will autocorrect to tell your friend that you are out of vag oil.  Which- believe me -is NOT a good thing to be out of!  Also on the autocorrect front, why does typing "awwwww" always change to "sewer".  What about awwwww makes my phone think, " I know she typed awwww but she probably really meant sewer.  Let's change it for her."

* My kids have gotten really into playing Mario brothers lately.  Lucky for them I spent hours as a kid blowing on my nintendo cartridges and playing Mario.  I still have my touch and the children think that I am the bomb dot com for being able to defeat the dragon.  I love that stage where they are still young enough to think that mom knows everything.  Wonder how much longer I have til that jig is up?

* Miles came up with this dance that makes him scream "hot dog" the whole time he's doing it. He has taught the others to hot dog as well.  Today I leave you with the hot dog.  Lucky you.

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