June 21, 2011

Bulleted Blogging

Some recent things going on...

* Sadie woke up covered in a rash from her shoulders to her ankles yesterday.  We all loaded up and went to the doctor.  (Those exam rooms are not made for three kids!)  Turns out she has strep throat and evidently she is allergic to the strep infection and broke out in hives as a result.  Luckily, she doesn't feel bad and hopefully we can keep the boys from getting it.

* We also had to go to the doc to have one of the boys looked at who got a bug bite in a really unfortunate place.  The subsequent unfortunate place swelled up to grown up size proportions.  Not good!  But all has returned to normal in that department.  Said child may or may not have screamed "Don't touch my poopus!" to the doctor.  And the other children in this house may or may not be talking about "poopus-es" all the time now because they think it is so funny.

* Did you know that amoxicillin is now made by a different manufacturer and no longer comes in the default bubble gum flavor?  What is this world coming to?

* I went cold turkey on my diet Pepsi addiction last week.  I've now been a full week without one.  Surprisingly, I did not die and I have not killed any of my children.  It is totally too much information, but I've peed clear for the first time in years!  My kidneys are doing the happy dance.

* Go and pray for my in real life friends, the Gyorffy's.  Their son Theo, who has been home from Congo for just four month, was diagnosed with leukemia last week.  They could use your prayers and encouraging words.

* I'm going to the Catalyst conference in October where Katie Davis will be one of the keynote speaker.  She is the kind heart behind Kisses from Katie.  I'm going to hug the living daylights out of her.  It's okay to be jealous.  The creator behind TOM's shoes is going to be there too.  I may also hug the living daylights out of him because he is Hot with a capital H. 

* I'm also going to the BlogHer conference in San Diego in August.  I'm totally pumped about this.  This conference is just for me.  I usually only do conferences and seminars about orphan care, but this BlogHer conference is purely for fun and relationships.  Meeting other bloggers is such a thrill for me. What stresses me out a little bit though, is that on twitter all the women are talking about what their sponsors are dressing them in.  Ummm... I'm a little bit of a Walmart and Target wardrobe kinda person.  And I'm small potatoes so sponsors aren't knocking down my door begging to dress me and put designer shoes on my feet.  I am totally going to rock my Walmart sundresses and be freakin' proud to be out of my house where the only butt I have to wipe is my own!   

* The hubs and I had our fathers over for a Father's Day cookout.  I am so lucky to have a great daddy who has turned out to be the world's best Papaw.  One of the things that makes my heart pitter patter like nothing else is watching my dad play and love on my children.  A loving father is one of the best gifts that God can give a girl.

*  One of our neighbors drives the world's loudest motorcycle.  He sometimes revs his engine at the ungodly early hour of 6:30 and it wakes Miles up every time.  I know for a fact that this guy is not driving his motorcycle to work, so I'm thinking about going medieval on him. Or removing something essential from this freakishly loud machine.  If only I knew what a carburetor looked like...

*  Hope you have a lovely Tuesday! 

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