June 29, 2011


                        I'd like to introduce you to America's newest citizen!

Miles had his day in court today and he is now finally recognized as an official Terry by the state of Kentucky.  His birthday has also legally been changed to make him 3 years old in a few days instead of 2. And he's now a citizen of the United States!  I know that much of this process has been just a formality, but as I woke up this morning and dressed the children up for court, I felt such an overwhelming feeling of completeness.  

Our entire family was sworn into the court and the judge asked each of us if we wanted Miles as a part of our family.  Yes came out of every mouth. We are melded together as a unit of five.  We are connected.  It was made all the more sweet by knowing how much hard work has gone into making this little precious one a part of our family.  Each one of us has undergone so many changes in the last year and a half.  No one came out unscathed.  It was effort (sometimes more effort than we bargained for) for every one of us.  Perhaps, none more so than Miles.  I think of all the changes that we've asked him to make to become a part of this family and it makes our sacrifices seem so small in comparison.  It is nothing short of the grace of God that put our family together and we are so much stronger and more wholly knit together because of it.  God's pretty awesome like that. 

I put Miles' suit on him and combed out his hair while he stared at himself in the mirror.  His whole face beamed as he put on his tie and blazer.  He was so excited to look "just like daddy."  I saw him transform from an insecure, scared child when he came home, to a child who was full of pride at who he saw in the mirror.  I'm proud too- so proud that I get to be the mother of this awesome, little boy.   

The state of Kentucky finally recognizes what I've known in my heart to be true for a long time.  We are a family. Forever and ever.


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