June 06, 2011


* I am now the mom of a second grader.  How in the heck did that happen?  Where is the time going?  I am so crazy proud of Sadie and her accomplishments in the first grade.  She finished highest in her class in math (she does not get that from me) and reading.  We had a huge celebration in her honor.  The boys picked out a pink and blue cookie cake for desert.  We made Sadie's favorite dinner- homemade lasagna.  And she came home to a house that was decorated just for her!  Not to mention that there were a couple of fireworks to mark the occasion.  She was super excited and I am so proud!

Noah was totally pumped about the sparklers!

*I also had a meeting with the special education team with our public school system to do Miles' last evaluations.  He has been a truly delightful kid these last two weeks- loving, affectionate, and fun.  I was worried he'd go into his last evaluation and charm the pants off of everyone and they would look at me like I was a crazy person.  But- the combination of a new environment and too much stimulus threw the boy off of his game and he tested like I hoped he would.  As much as I wish that Miles was up to developmental standards- two years with inadequate nutrition and very little stimulous in an orphanage are keeping him from being on target.  He's making great progress but he still needs services.  So I'm really glad that he tested in a way that proved that he is in desperate need of lots of services.  We go in next week to write his IEP (Individual Education Plan) for his new at risk preschool program that he will start in the fall.  I'm so excited for him.  I think that this will be AWESOME for him.  Plus- they send the short bus to our house to pick him up. He is going to think that he has died and gone to heaven getting to ride a bus to school like his big sister. 

*  I tried my very first sweet potato yesterday.  I'm in love.  I'm going to want one with every meal now.

* We've had lots and lots of time in the pool this weekend.  We put up our blow up pool in the back yard and went to a pool party with family on Saturday.  My children will be as brown as biscuits (the ones that aren't naturally brown!) in no time flat, while I will probably remain pasty white all summer long.

* My friends Ellen and Sandy are collecting formula for children in Congo.  They are up well over 100 cans.  I'm so lucky to have friends with such caring hearts.

* The hubs had strep throat all week last week.  Man sickness.  God help us all.  Thankfully he has made a full recovery and is going back to work today. 

* I took the big kids to see their first play this weekend.  We went to see a children's production of Hansel and Gretel with my aunts and cousin Julia.  My kids have been reinacting the scene where the witch gets put in the oven with such enthusiasm.  Maybe they will become theatre junkies!

* Consider this your daily reminder to please vote for Millions of Miles in the Circle of Moms Top 25 adoption blogs contest.  We are holding steady in 3rd place but there are LOTS of great blogs on there that are catching up. You can vote once a day- so please please take a couple of seconds to click over and vote for us!  The direct link to vote for MoM is HERE.  

 Happy Monday :-)

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