June 30, 2011

I'm Lovin' It

A few of my favorite things as of late:

* Outlet malls.  I went outlet mall shopping this week on my day off.  It was the first time I've "outleted" in years and years.  I scored some HUGE deals.  Crocs for $7.  Plaid shorts for the boys for $3.99. Leather dress shoes for Miles for $6. Earrings were buy 2 get 1 free at Claire's and I am the proud owner of three new pairs of earrings.  Actually I am the owner of a total of three pairs of earring because I am the queen of losing one earring.  I tell myself that this is why I can't have nice things and therefore still shop at Claire's as a 30 year old.  I did have to dig through lots of peace sign earrings and Justin Beiber notebooks to find the perfect three pairs.  I should have bought a Justin Beiber notebook while I was at it.  That boy is too cute.

* Ellen.  My friend Ellen is one of my favorite "by-products" of blogging.  Long long ago she was a blog reader who emailed me about adoption and I wrote her back and gave her my phone number.  Y'all, I give my phone number out to most everybody that emails me about adoption and in all this time, I think that only 4 people have actually ever called.  Ellen was one of them.  If you ask her about it, she'll say she stalked me.  I think that she was just be thorough. (which is my nice way of saying that she stalked me.)  She called me one day and spilled her life story to me and her three girls were screaming in the background and I loved her instantly. Then she came on the mother's retreat last year and now she is single handedly responsible for my need for unlimited text messaging.  She is a true friend through and through and she is the funniest person I know in real life. She's adopted the cause of the fatherless in Congo and this week I trekked it to her town to get the 100 cans of formula that she's been collecting to get to orphanages in DRC.  She and I prayed over that formula and asked God's blessing on the babies that would drink it.  That formula will be making it's way to Mississippi later this week and then on to Kinshasa.  How cute is Ellen posing with all that formula?  Love that girl!

* Sudoku.  I'm so late to the party since Sudoku was all the rage years ago- but I'm totally into it all over again.  Unfortunately, my brain can only work hard enough to complete the easy level puzzles.  What this really means is that I have a million Sudoku books that I can only do the first 30 pages of and the rest of the book stays blank.  One day I will grow a bigger brain.

* The 5 foot chicken.  Oh. My. Word.  Last week, I read this blog post that is truly the funniest blog post I've ever read in my whole life.  It is about a five foot tall metal chicken.  The language is really salty so if that is not your thing, then I don't recommend it.  But given my affinity for the occasional "f bomb" it was right up my alley.  Go check it out if you'd like to laugh your head off. http://thebloggess.com/2011/06/and-thats-why-you-should-learn-to-pick-your-battles/

* Men Of A Certain Age:  current favorite TV show that doesn't belong in the reality genre.  I'm trying to branch out from reality TV but I. Just. Can't. Break. Away.  Except for Men of a Certain Age (on TNT).  Hubs and I watch it together every Wednesday night.  It's a great date night and helps me understand my man better.  For instance- as men age they can no longer ride in the car with their wallets in their pockets because their butts become more sensitive as they get older.  Who knew?  I'm learning tons.

* Advertising revenue.  There's not a lot of it, but all the money that is made on this blog from advertising goes to orphan care initiatives.  That makes me happy.  

* My daughter's heart.  Girlfriend is cooking up a fundraiser with her friends that I think you all are going to love.  I can't wait to reveal what it is.

* This foo foo tank top:

Something on the ceiling must  be really interesting.

This was one of my outlet mall finds and it is now going to be my summer uniform.  Consider yourself forewarned.  If you plan to encounter me from now until the end of summer- I will be wearing this.  I'm not typically a fan of tank tops because I'm not fond of my arm fat flapping in the breeze.  But I will make an exception for this one. If you are lucky, I will wear pants with it. 

* Vampires:  These little ones just ran into the kitchen and said, "Look!  We're vampires!"  Evidently, vampires now cover themselves in blue marker.  If you come upon a person with similar markings on the street- RUN!

* Seattle's Best Hazelnut coffee:  I picked up a pack at the grocery a couple of weeks ago and now I am hooked.  I think I'm going to start mainlining it.  It has totally replaced my diet Pepsi addiction.  I figure it's better for me since coffee is a natural substance.  By that same token, though, cocaine is also a natural substance so maybe my logic is flawed.  Anyway, with the exception of 2 splurges, I've been diet Pepsi free for 2 1/2 weeks and my stomach is so pumped about not having that battery acid in it! 

* My sister-in-law:  she out of the blue offered to let all three of my hooligans spend the night with her on Friday night AND keep them most of the day on Saturday.  Ooo-la-la :-)  Moms- y'all know how rare it is that someone calls and says, "Can I please have your kids?"  Usually we are the ones calling and begging so this is a ridiculously awesome treat.  

* Adopt-USkids.  This is one of my favorite websites.  It is full of children in foster care who have already been cleared for adoption.  Children only get on their photo listings when all other avenues have been exhausted for them.  Many teenagers who are about to age out of foster care put themselves on this list so that they can have a base to come home to.  This week, this darling little 6 year old girl caught my eye. You know how some children just pull at you? That's what Marshae did to me. I've looked at her photo listing every morning and prayed that she would get a family.  Are you Marshae's mommy?
UPDATED!  Marshae's info is no longer available.  Does that mean that one of you all inquired about her!?!?!  AWESOME!

* These crazy kids:  They make my heart go pitter pat.  And not just because they raise my blood pressure.

Happy Thursday!

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