June 01, 2011

No Extreme Couponing Here (But I did save $51)

In this day and age of extreme couponing, I just wanted to take a minute to share with you how I'm saving my family money.  If you've been around here for any length of time, you know that my logic is not always 100% sound, but this makes complete and perfect sense to me.

I hired a babysitter for the summer.  Not for the whole summer- just one day a week.  People in the outside workforce typically get two days off every week, so I kinda felt like as a stay-at-home mom I am totally deserving of a six hour break one day a week.  (Oprah would say this was my aha moment of finding my worthiness)

I'm paying my fantabulous summer sitter $8 an hour for 6 hours for my three bambinos .  I barely squeaked by in math, but I'm pretty sure that is $48 a week.

Yesterday during my babysitting day, I got a pedicure (totally gluttonous, I know, but if you saw the nastiness they call my feet you would have deemed it necessary as well.)  The pedicure cost $23 with a tip.  Then I drove through and sipped on a vanilla latte from that restaurant with the germy play place.  That added another $3 to my day.  The rest of the day I spent window shopping and reading magazines for free at my favorite quiet bookstore.     

You may be asking yourself, "How in the world is spending $74 on a totally frivolous day saving your family money?"  I'm glad you asked.  Here is my answer.  An hour with the psychologist costs $125.  In my book, I just saved my family $51 by taking one whole day a week to preserve my sanity to keep myself out of the shrink's office. OMG- somebody better put me on my own reality show with these money saving tips!

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