July 09, 2011

Hell Cats, Mono, and Miles Dieudonne

Where to begin, where to begin?  I suppose it all started with the cats.  I am NOT an animal person.  I don't mind other people having and loving animals, but it's just not really my thing.  But my older kids love animals and so I don't want them to miss out on that experience.  This week one of our local kid's camps was closed and we had the privilege (read nightmare) of fostering two little kitties for 10 days.

Now, these things are ridiculously adorable.  I mean, look at them...
Cute right?  The kids loved them.  Even Miles loved them and Miles HATES animals.  (Looks like two months of intensive animal therapy has payed off!)

But then something happened.  The newness of having kitties wore off somewhere around day four.  Something else also happened around day 4.  These sweet, little, loving kitties turned into hell cats.  They took over the house.  The climbed on everything.  They scratched everything. They unrolled the toilet paper daily. And they pooped EVERYWHERE all day long.  And then we all started sneezing and itching and getting headaches and lo and behold, we realized that 80% of the Terry's are allergic to hell cats.  I started counting down the days until the kitties went back to camp, but the kids were still in love.  Until this weekend when they finally decided that they never wanted to clean out another litter box as long as they live.  This little experiment taught us that we are definitely NOT cat people.  We will miss cuddling these little kitties, but the rest of it... not so much.

Those pesky cat allergies went into a raging sinus infection for me.  I slept with Kleenex clogging up one nostril while fighting the urge to shoot Afrin up the other.  Then Miles started in with some sort of crazy sickness that made him continually spike a 103 degree fever.  Then Sadie got a sore throat and before long Noah was saying that every time he took a breath he wanted to puke.  We were a hot mess.  We all trekked it to the doctor this morning where we found out that Miles just has a virus but that Sadie actually has mono.  Mono.  Seriously.  Ugh.  Noah has "I made up wanting to puke when I breath because my brother and sister were getting so much attention for being sick" disease.  There is lots and lots of rest in our future.  Which means that we will probably have to forgo Bible School this week (darn) and will single handedly keep Redb*x in business. 

Killing time in the doctor's office. Right after this Miles realized that he could
spend huge chunks of time licking the mirror.

One positive of being in bed a lot?  Spending time talking to the littles while we rest together.  Here is a snippet of my latest chat with Miles.  I love it and his little clogged up nose voice.  (Just FYI- his middle name is Dieudonne which he was given at the orphanage in Congo)

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