July 01, 2011

Livin' the dream

My mom is a great mom.  But the woman is a machine about cleanliness. (She's right next to God if that whole cleanliness/Godliness thing is true) As a kid I can remember wanting to buy things like silly string.  I can't remember if we asked and she said no or if I just knew she would say no and so we didn't ask. This game of parenting is often times sharing things with our children that we loved when we were little, but I swear- sometimes parenting is doing all the things you really wanted to do as a kid and didn't get too.  So tonight at the Terry household, it was war.

Reason # 4365 that summer is awesome?  Silly string!

Hubby's weirdest face ever.  But Miles is having a ball!


Ever pulled silly string out of an Afro?  I recommend it for anyone who is trying to earn their girl scout badge in patience.  Other than that tiny aspect, it was super duper fun!  Yeah Summer!

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