July 24, 2011

Re-Entry Randomness

A few little things...

1.  Re-entry into the real world is easier than I thought it would be.  Normally, I leave our suitcases on the floor and wait at least 2 weeks before emptying them.  Somehow I think that if I refuse to unpack that I'll magically stay on vacation.  This time, I took the bull by the horns and washed three suitcases full of dirty clothes yesterday.  This means that today I refuse to do anything but catch up on reality tv on the dvr and read a weeks worth of all my favorite blogs.  I should probably also go to the grocery since the only thing we have to eat in our house is rice and string cheese.  While I could probably live off that for weeks to come, the natives are getting restless about our food situation.

2.  This thing happened and I'm a wee bit excited about it.

The award is for my post about my cellulite and other such body issues.  So far, this is the best thing to come out of getting called fat on facebook!  Yee Haw!

3.  Our tax returns finally came in after 6 months of waiting.  For those of you waiting on the adoption tax credit: there is HOPE!  After two audits and a ridiculous amount of documentation, the money was finally deposited in our account.  Which means that tonight we bought a new bed.  No more sleeping on my parents half broken marital bed.  Thank you Jesus!  A bedroom remodel will now be in order since our current bedding fits a queen and we ordered a king (cause I don't like anyone touching me while I am sleeping!) 

4.  We are having a little mini reunion of the local-ish Mom's Retreat Gals this weekend for a pool party.  After much chatter back and forth about who refuses to wear a swimsuit in public, I somehow chimed in that I would do nekkid toe touches off of the diving board to help take the pressure off of the girls who don't want to wear a suit in public. My body is saggy and baggy like an elephant- surely, that must make you feel good about yourself, right?  I may or may not have also said that I would get vajazzled (or is vajeweling now the in thing?) for said toe touches.  We are all now in agreement that if gluing glitter and rhinestones to one's hoo-ha is part of all the MRG events that our husbands would probably let us get together a whole lot more often.

5.  The first batch of CARDS FOR CONGO cards is getting mailed out this week.  We only have about 50 sets left, so if you want some, you better get your order on!  Seriously- order them.  My kids will love you forever and so will the children in Congo who will be receiving your donations!

6.  I had two dreams this week that I gave birth to monster spawn.  I'm not sure what this means, but I don't think it's good. 

7.  I discovered that when one is on vacation, a mudslide by the pool is a sufficient breakfast.  I justified it by saying that it is just like iced coffee but with more chocolate and more kahlua. Yumma lumma ding dong.

8.  I also learned that the movie Home Alone is even funnier in Spanish.  Instead of saying ouch, the burglars say things like Aye! and to me that is hi-larious. 

9.  The transmission has been out on hubby's car for several months now.  The poor car has taken up permanent residence at the bottom of our driveway.  We are very KY redneck that way with our broken down cars.  He has been borrowing my Granny's truck for several months to get back and forth to work.   But now that the tax returns are in, it means that we have to go car shopping.  Shoot. Me. Now.  I think car shopping is almost as torturous as bathing suit shopping.

10.  Miles gulped copious amounts of water in Mexico.  I'm not sure what part of "DON'T DRINK THE WATER" he didn't understand, but his poor intestines are reeking havoc.  He has been telling everyone that he encounters that he has to poop.  Over and over again.  His record has totally gotten stuck on the "I have to poop" groove.  This is followed by the phrase, "I'm Miles.  I'm six.  High five." that was his standard answer to everything while we were on vacation.  And since the OCD in me is coming out and screaming at me that lists should stop at 10- I'm off to help hubby get the grass cut.  Oh the joy!


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