July 14, 2011


A little recap of things running around in my brain:

* My baby girl is about to lose her first tooth.  We thought that this day would never happen.  She is nearly eight years old and to our knowledge she was the only one in her class who still had all their baby teeth.  (A distinction that you so do NOT want to have when the tooth fairy is involved)  Anyway- this tooth is N to the asty.  It's dangling and hanging there in her mouth and she just can't bring herself to rip it out.  It doesn't help that she has the lowest pain tolerance of any kid I've ever seen.  So she's looking a little lopsided.  Still cute as all get out but that tooth has got to go!  (On the mono front- she's feeling a lot better, but is so tired.  We are spending lots and lots of time resting!)

check out that top right tooth.  Gives me the willies.
* I accidently picked up the wrong kind of tampons at the store.  The wrappers have things on them that say, "Push Yourself To The Limit" and "Take The Plunge!"  I have yet to figure out if this is meant to be encouragement for me or for the tampon. 

* The kids and I made strawberry shortcakes a few days ago.  They turned out sooooo beautiful that I just had to take a picture of it.  Yum!

*Miles has developed a preoccupation with his "boobies".  The breast obsession starts young in the male species.

* Y'all know that I love a great organization that is all about supporting orphans and adoptive families.  I've talked about  how much I love the SPOON foundation on here before and they've just published a new list of lab work that newly home kiddos should have once they are home (these are only nutrition related- other tests are also needed). It is an AWESOME resource. I so wish that we had had this list when Miles came home.  We are still dealing with the aftermath of extreme malnutrition.  I wonder if we'd have had some of these tests done if we could have intervened sooner.

* We got to spend a day this week with my bestie, Jessica.  She is such a breath of fresh air in my life.  Not to mention that she's drop dead gorgeous.  I've always heard that if you want to make yourself feel good, you should choose ugly friends- but she is just so dang nice that I put up with her long blonde beautiful hair and legs that go on for days that are sans cellulite!

* Noah has recreated this dino-navity over and over again this week.  "The dinosaurs just want to see the baby Jesus" he says.  Dude- if I was the baby Jesus, dinosaurs hovering over me would freak me all the way out.  But Noah has spent hours and hours making up these scenes.  It's been a great way for him to beat the 110 degree heat index.

* I bought something off of Craigslist this week.  The seller was making her first Craigslist sale and she was a nervous wreck.  I think she was completely convinced that she was going to be murdered during the transaction. We had only communicated by text so for all she knew, I could have been a 4000 pound man eating shark (cause sharks are great texters, you know).  Anyway- we met in a parking lot and she got out of her van and actually hugged me and thanked me for being a "normal" person.  *ha!*  She has no idea.

* On my day of babysitting this week, I was perusing a store and found a University of Kentucky shirt on the clearance rack.  Since that is our school and our team, I thought, "Score!  A UK shirt for $4.99!  I'm all over this!"  When I got home with said shirt, I realized that it has two different sleeves on it.  One sleeve is more capped, the other sleeve is more typical t-shirt. I made the decision that I am going to rock this shirt till it falls apart, different sleeves and all.  It's like my shirt has special needs and I'm going to wear it proudly!

* I'm having lots of guest posters next week.  Stay tuned for some really cool stuff! Ciao.

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