July 23, 2011

Vacation Part 1

We just got home last night from the best family vacation ever!  The older our kids get, the more fun it is to travel with them.  This trip was one that my husband earned through his job (seriously- if his company didn't allow him to earn trips, we probably wouldn't ever go anywhere!)  We spent a week in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  It was absolutely blissful.  We all slept in one room together and for the most part had the TV and the computer off for the whole week.  There is just something about being on vacation that melds a family together. 

I'm a little bit surprised that our children didn't grow gills.  They stayed in the pools (which were the MOST awesome pools I've ever seen) until their little bodies turned into raisins and their eyes were bloodshot from the chlorine.  Noah had been taking swimming lessons for a few weeks leading up to the trip and the boy just took off like a dolphin.  He could be the next Michael Phelps for all we know.  Miles also figured out how to swim this week.  He jumped in off the side and did this hula dance like shimmy all through the water to get where he wanted to go.  Those boys were totally fearless!  I'll bet they asked their daddy to throw them in the pool at least 100 times a day!

We went to go and see the Mayan Ruins at Telum one morning.  It was no less that 3000 degrees outside and our children started melting like wax statues within minutes.  Going to the ruins was our first time off of the resort.  The weirdest things started happening.  As we were walking to the entrance of the ruins a huge group of Spanish speaking tourists approached us and starting pulling Miles away from us.  I paniced, he paniced and they were relentless.  They kept pointing at him and saying, "Photo!  Photo!" while they tried to take him away from us.  I shooed them off like raccoons and we kept walking.  About a hundred yards later, the same thing happened again.  This time the people were saying something about pygmies and wanted their pictures made with our brown son.  It was getting out of control and Miles was terrified.  I picked him up and held him close and gave people the evil eye that got to close to him.  At one point I asked my husband if they thought that Miles was Emmanuel Lewis from Webster.  Tourists from all over were taking his picture from behind the bushes like they were paparazzi since I refused to let them take pictures with him.  I finally decided that my brown baby was the only brown baby in all of Mexico and thus a novelty.  Either way, it was weird and we all had to be on heightened alert to keep him from being baby snatched.  But the ruins were very cool! 

After the ruins, we went to the most amazing place I've ever been to!  It was this huge ocean playground.  We took all three kids snorkeling here for the first time.  Sadie was so brave!  She's often our kiddo who gets nervous and doesn't try new things, but she stuck her head right in and didn't even panic when a stingray swam right underneath her!  Noah and Miles couldn't figure out their snorkels, but Noah became a master at holding his breath so that he could see the underwater world.  And Miles- well, Miles was perfectly content to just float on top of the water and soak up the rays.  After snorkeling, we went innertubing down a river through a mangrove forest.  The big kids did a zip line into the ocean and I shocked all the littles by jumping off of a 25 foot cliff.  We really got our adventure on!  Unfortunately though, we didn't have our camera while we were having this huge adventure!

  Stay tuned for part 2 of our awesome Mexican vacation!  

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