July 27, 2011

Vacation- Part 2

The second half of our vacation was pretty uneventful.  There was lots and lots of pool time.  And lots and lots of eating.  How can you not overindulge at an all inclusive resort?  It's one of life's biggest mysteries.  Especially when the food looks like this:

If I could do those kinds of things to food, I'd tattoo "food artist" to my forehead.  I was the awkward American taking pictures of everything that I ate just so I could look at it longer.

My poor husband nearly threw his arms off throwing kids in the pool.  Normally our kids have to do the pool with just mom while daddy works to support our slovenly ways, but on vacation, daddy is there to throw them entirely too far up into the air.

My little lady got her hair done up in these super cute braids.  She is looking SO old with her holey mouth and braided hair.

While Sadie preferred the pool, the boys had a great time looking for treasures in the ocean. 

I also told a massive lie while we were on vacation.  Our resort had a kids club which would normally be a major score, except that they would only take kids ages 5 and up.  We found that most of our resort comrades were getting their 4 year olds into the kids club so we took a gamble and took both Sadie and Noah there for a couple of hours while the rest of us took a nap.  They didn't question Noah on his age at all, they just welcomed him in.  But the last day on the beach, there was a snorkeling excursion that hubby and I wanted to do that we couldn't do with the kidlets.  I must have wanted to go super bad because I lost all my morals over it.  I marched my big kids into the kid's club and once they were in, I pushed Miles (my 23 pound 3 year old) right in behind them.  I was sweating with worry wondering if this was going to fly.  The sweet babysitter at the door looked at me and Miles a little quizzically and said, "How old is he?"  Before I could even think I blurted out, "He's 4 1/2.  He's really small.  From Africa."  and then I ran before they had the option of returning him.  I trucked it down to the beach for the snorkeling excursion just certain that God was going to smite me for my big whopper.  I braced myself for getting eaten by a shark or pierced through the heart by a stingray.  Ironically, none of those happened.  God must have known I needed a little kayaking/ snorkeling fun with my hubby because it was an awesome experience!  The reef we went to was the second largest in the world and we saw some of the most beautiful fish I've ever seen!  And when we picked up the kids they were all happily making bracelets with the kids club staff.  No harm no foul, but I was freaking out about my half truth.  Lucky for me, when you ask Miles how old he is, he says, "I'm seben." or "I'm six!"

All in all, it was such a great time with the family!  Except for one little mishap that involves a jaguar and the world's ugliest souvenir ever purchased, but that is a whole other story that will hopefully be told in the near future...

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