August 25, 2011

Around Our House

A few of the things are going on around these parts recently...

This little lady started second grade last week.  It seems like yesterday that she was born and now she's reading chapter books and doing multiplication. 

This little guy starts school in about 10 days.  We took him to pick out a new "pack pack" and he is over the moon with his choice.

He also moved into a big boy bed.  And yes, his room is pink.  Sue me.

Noah's dino/nativity set obsession has now expanded to include Smurfs and fairies.  He is spending hours upon hours a day on these scenes of dinosaurs and "Jesus People".

My new bed and mattress came in and I am in love with it.  I can lay crosswise on the bed and there is still room for my husband in it.  I try not to be too materialist, but this bed is changing my life. I get in it as soon as the children are asleep and I lay there and think about how much I freaking love this bed.  My husband asked me if I was spending so much time in bed because I'm depressed.  He didn't understand that my pure happiness is what is keeping me bed ridden.  I have years and years of lost sleep to make up for.  Ahhhh... serenity.

No officer, they did not learn to treat babies this way from me...

I attempted to put some twists into Miles hair (which looked awesome, but only lasted for 3 days).  I wanted the twists to dry lying down and didn't have one of those fancy nets that they use at the salon, so the boy got his head wrapped in a clementine orange produce bag.  It worked remarkably well even if he did look like rescued wildlife tangled up in litter for a few hours.

And lastly, here's a shocker for ya-
Yes is does.  Yes it does.

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