August 15, 2011


In the flurry of the busyness that is everyday life, I realized last Thursday that our family had been an entire week without eating dinner all together.  I had been out of town for a few days and when I got back my financial advisor of a hubby was working long hours putting out fires with the stock market going haywire.  Dinner together is something that we don't skip- in fact, it is something that I consider vitally important, even if we all just end up eating a bowl of cereal at the same time.

When I was growing up, we always had family dinners together.  I'm not sure how my mom did it.  Between swim practice and my dad owning his own business I think it was sometimes 8:00 or 8:30 before we all sat down together.  But my mom made it happen every single night and I love her for it. 

So when I realized that we'd been way too long without some togetherness, I staged an intervention.  The mister came home from work and we loaded into the car telling the kids that we were going on an adventure.  We picked up a pizza (because Martha Stewart with a picnic basket I am not!) and took it to a local park to eat.  We pulled up to the park and lo and behold their were hot air balloons launching about 50 yards from the picnic tables.  I knew then that it was going to be a great night! 

Noah was overly excited waving at the balloons!
There was playing and giggling and swinging and happiness. 
Then we tossed on their bathing suits and let the kids run like wild things on the splash pad.  They were so excited and several times I thought, "I want to freeze them.  Just like this.  Just at this very age and stage of each of their lives."  It seems like though the days are long sometimes, that the weeks and months are passing by with the speed of a locomotive.

Our dinner intervention was so much fun.  I'm thinking it needs to become a routine until the weather turns too cold to do it anymore. It was a reminder to me that most of the other things that consume my time and attention really don't matter.  Who cares if my inbox goes unread or my house is not perfect or I buy cookies for a party instead of making them from scratch?  These very moments are the ones that matter the most and they are too important to miss.  It's one of those things that you always know in your core, but sometimes you need a reminder to bring it back into practice.  I'm trying to practice, trying to balance, trying to slow down and savor... trying, trying, trying...

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